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pilihan peminat: She's perfect
She&# 39; s perfect
She&# 39; s good
pilihan peminat: It was brilliant
It was brilliant
It&# 39; s one of my kegemaran Filem
pilihan peminat: Emma Watson as Belle
pilihan peminat: Her Singing is beautiful
Her Singing is beautiful
Her Singing is OK
pilihan peminat: Yes
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AnnaElsaFrozen berkata …
I'm a big peminat of it. Just the Cinta at the end of the movie, it was just AMAZING. Emma(2),Dan,Luke,Josh,Ewan and all the rest of the cast, they played very great and the romance ❤️😘 . And I Cinta things they add to the movie like the mother of Belle and Beast's mother too when the two died 😭😢 telah diposkan ·3 bulan lalu
Sparklefairy375 dikomen…
Yes I agree so much :3 ·3 bulan lalu
glelsey berkata …
Saw it today! telah diposkan ·7 bulan lalu
Princessofpower berkata …
Looking ke hadapan to this heard they are staying close to the original and just expanding on the characters so sounds like it should be good. telah diposkan ·9 bulan lalu