Ben 10 Alien Force Kevins past.

KevinsSexyCar94 posted on Apr 06, 2013 at 05:23AM
We all know that Kevin has been a big part of the series from the beggining, making his debut in his very own episode and becoming a reccuring enemy up until Alien Force. What we dont know is his complete backstory, only a few minor details. Fromthose details ive peiced together what i think his story might be, and i want to know.wjat other fans think of it. Knowing that Kevin himself is Osmosian, has never met his real father, and was on his own as a kid, as well as the various changes in his powers and the fact that he frequently goes insane and loses control, i think that its quite possible that Kevin isnt as deep as we all think. I think that being that his dad was the plumber and that hes never met him, that its possible that his father is the Osmosian which gave Kevin his alien powers. The reason he was on his own in new york was that his family was on vacation and his base powers(the absorbtion of electricity) showed up, scaring his step father. Perhaps he overheard a conversation between his parents in which his stepdad called him a freak, resulting in his parents splitting(we learn in AF that he only lives with his mom in the episode where he gets his Plumbers badge back.) and Kevin, feeling unwanted and running off to be on his own. We know this where he meets Ben, and that shortly after spends a year in the Null Void. Perhaps it is during this time that he returns to his normal form, and in searching for a way out learns that he can absorb matter, and in using this newfound ability, the power absorbtion skill fades. Perhaps when he finally does get out of the Null Void he finds that his mother was actually worried and looking for him, and takes him home to Bellwood, where instead of going to school or being evil, he puts all his time into building his sexy car and swapping tech up until the present. And also im thinking that maybe all of his power changes are just the result of his Osmosian powers simply developing over time, and the bouts of insanity are just because Osmosians cant control their lust for power and the newfound power in the development of his powers drives him mad. What do you guys think? And i know its just a kids show, but ive put alot of thought into my theory. I love Kevin. :3.

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