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posted by devil_in_love
Ginka: what!!!!!!!
Demian: long time no see ginka
Ginka: what the hell reji tobio busujima
Tobio : get ready for defeat
Everyone 3 2 1 let it rip
After the one
Ginka: we won(:
Masmunea: naturally I'm the best
Ginka: ya right
After every one went utama it was 10:00
Ami: kyoya mom and dad went out
Kyoya: ok go to sleep anda look tiered* cough*
Ami: are anda ok
Kyoya: I'm fi*cough*ne go to sleep *cough*
Ami: why
Kyoya: I berkata GO TO SLEEP
Ami : *crys*
Kyoya: ohh ami you*cough* know I didn't mean to scream at anda
Ami: *whips tears * I know
Kyoya: now plz go*cough*to sleep
Ami: fine
Kyoya: wait where is kakeru
Ami: I think he is a sleep
Kyoya: go to sleep
Ami : anda sure you're ok
Kyoya: ya
Ami: ok good night
Kyoya goes to katil and sleep
Kyoyas mom: kyoya wake up
Kyoya: I'm up
In school
Nagi: hei ginka
Ginka: hei uta
Nagi: it is nagi
Ginka: hei nagi
Nagi: guess what I got
Ginka: a dress
Nagi : no it starts with B and ends with a E
Ginka: what is it
Nagi: a Beyblade anda idiot
Ginka: cool let me
Nagi: tada
Ginka: what is this bey I have never seen one like it before
Nagi: it is one of a kind it name is Seraphic Charm it is a defense type
Ginka: seraphic charm do your sis got one
Nagi: I don't know anything about it let's go ask her
Uta: what is my bey name
Ginka : ya
Uta: Lunatic Charm atack type
Ginka : does your brother and other sister got one
Uta: yes go ask ikuto he will tell anda his beys name
Ginka: hei ikuto what is your bey name
Ikuto: black lynx stamina
Ginka: cool what is your sisters bey
Ikuto: wich one
Ginka: the youngest
Ikuto: dark jwel balance
Ginka: ok bye * runs fast and bumpes into someone * awww sorry about that are anda ok hikaru
hikaru: ya
*bell rings*
Ginka: bye
*after class*
Hikaru : hei kyoya sweety are anda ok
Kyoya: I'm fine
rest of school goes utama exsepet for kyoya he forgot his neckless
hikaru: hei sweety what are anda doing hear
kyoya: I forgot my neckless
hikaru: *kiss kyoya*
kyoys can hardly breath because of his illnes
hikru : *cuts kiss* got to go
kyoya: *cough* *cough* *cough*
nagi forgot her phone so she came to take
after she took it she saw kyoys coughing so hard
nagi: kyoya! Are anda ok
kyoya : I'm fi*faints*
nagi: kyoya kyoya
 i didn't find a blond :(
i didn't find a blond :(
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Tribute to the final battle...
metal fight Beyblade
gingka hagane
diablo nemesis
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This video is NOT made sejak me.
metal fight Beyblade
tsubasa otori
tsubasa ootori
posted by devil_in_love
Nagi: kyoya kyoya kyoya IKUTO (her brother)
Ikuto: what
Nagi: he fainted
Ikuto: * carries kyoya to their utama *
Uta: what the
Nagi: he fainted
Rima: how will we go to party?
Nagi: I will stay anda 3 go
Uta: fine
Ikuto: call the doctor
Rima: bye bye
When they all go out to the party except nagi she calls the doctor
Doctor: *remove his shirt*he will be fine give him this medicine and this one and this they are 6 medicines
Nagi: that’s a lot
Doctor:I know each one of them has a time written on the box give it to him for a week and tell him not to go to school atau alih he should stay here
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