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 decision time!!!
decision time!!!
A/N: hope anda like this new one. at the start it goes back to one of the earlier converations of the teens. it goes to were they were talking about that hannah's parents wanted another child and hannah is about to tell her parents what she thinks of that. review
hannah came utama from school and handed her school bag to the maid, she walked into the living room and her father was drinking coffee and going over work and her mother was sitting beside him close and watching tv. she remembered moments like this when she was a child she would sit in front of them on the floor and she could tell how much she was loved sejak her parents and how much they loved each other. maybe it would have been nicer to have someone to share the Cinta with.

H: i have made a decision.
Ge: on what?
H: about anda two having another baby. well it's lebih of an opinion than a decision but i've made one.
Ja(jack): would anda like to tell us this desicion/opinion of yours?
H: ok, well i have talked to vicky about this and she berkata i Cinta madeline so i would probably Cinta a sibling of my own. which i've decided is probably true, and it would be nice to have some company around here. but i'm not sure if i want things to change here just yet. i like it being just the pokok of us, so i was wondering if anda could wait like just another year. but if anda two want one now... it's fine sejak me i'll live. (smiles)
G: well because anda handled that very maturely we will wait another year.
Ja: im's sure her uncle chuck would Cinta such a mature mind working in bass industries when shes older.
H: well that's great and all but i dont want to sertai the family business, maybe the seterusnya child will.
Ja: what do anda plan to be?
H: well i was thinking marry someone really rich, i know we already are but this will give us lebih money. anyway i'll marry a rich guy then devorce him and take all his money.
Ge: hannah bass anda will do no such thing.
Ja: yes stay with him and anda get lebih money every week like your mother.
Ge: that is not why im with anda jack bass.
H: guys i was joking, i honestly dont know what im going to be but i've got a tahun to figure that stuff out before i head to university.
Ja: georgina anda were never that mature and neither was i clearly anda spent alot of time with mature Friends atau had an affair.
H: atau im just better than anda two.
Ge: and there is the sparks side of her.
Ja: no it is clearly the bass side.
Ge: sparks
Ja: bass
H: enough it is a mix, im going to see my Friends after i get changed. au revoir.
Ge: see anda for makan malam, majlis makan malam around six.
H: ok... oh and i thought of another reason why anda to should wait another year.
Ja: why?
H: because the thought of anda two having... it to create this child is a little disgusting so when anda suprise me sejak saying im going to have a brother atau sister i'll be in such a state of shock there will be no room for such a thought in my head.
Ja: go see your friends.
H: planning on.


nathan was sitting in the park smoking a joint, it wasnt to strong but he had 3 now and they werent weak either. the effects of them were definatly working. he didnt have a long attention span right now, he was easily fasanated and he had no idea what the hell was going on. someone sat down seterusnya to him and he turned to look at them. his face brightened up.

Na: hannah, what are anda doing in my house?
H: im not in your house and anda are stoned.
Na: im not a stone.
H: give me that joint.
Na: what joint?
H: the one in your hand.
Na: one in which hand.
H:(grabs it off him) the one in this hand.
Na: thats not my hand that's yours.
H:(laughs) come on we'll sit beside that pokok instead of near this pond which is bound to be a hazzard to anda right now.
Na: hannah when did anda get here?
H: come on. (throws the joint he had in the pond) we are going to sit over there until the effects of this joint wear of (stands up and pulls him up aswell)
Na: anda are very sweet. but i am in no need of assistance.
H: of course not.
Na: are we going to have sex now?
H we most certainly are not!
Na: are not what?

hannah and nathan sit sejak the pokok after a while the effects have wore off.

Na: when did anda come to the park?
H: i seen anda with a joint and figured anda were probably high, when i got over anda were stoned.
Na: what did i say to you? i say alot of stuoid things when i have a joint... atau joints.
H: well it started with anda aking why i was in your house, to when anda didnt know where the joint in anda hand was, then back to wondering why i was here and then anda not needing my assitance to get anda over here.
Na: oh right.
H: but that not the best part anda then berkata and i quote "are we going to have sex now?"
Na: and that was the stupid thing i was afraid of.
H:(laughs) why? anda always make komen-komen like that.
Na: yes but when im on drugs it doesnt sound as cool.
H: anyway, vicky's birthday is coming up. have anda bought her anything yet?
Na: not yet. have you?
H: of course me and her are best friends/ cousins. i got her a scrap book of me, you, tyler and herself. if still wondering what to write on the cover of the book.
Na: well know the way everyone says we are like my mum and dad and vickys mum and dad because of they way they were in high school and stuff.
H: yes.
Na: well my mother told me they use to call them selfs the non-judging breakfast club. when we were growing up are mothers use to call us the non-judging breakfast club 2nd edition.
H: i could put that on the front.
Na: excactly. now help me what should i get her?
H: Nathan anda have been Friends since birth and anda dont know what to get her.
Na: picking for a billionaires daughter is hard, so is picking for you.
H: well i liked this years present.
Na: i got vicky to help me.
H:(laughs) ok then get vicky something to resemble anda friendship, something only anda two bond over. something special for one of your best friends.
Na: normally i'd be sarcatic but this is sincere thanks that really helped.
H: no problem.


gregory and victoria were working on their plan to bring down patrick baizen. alot of people thought that patrick was crazy and that anda shouldnt mess with him, but them people probably had never met the children of chuck bass and blair waldorf (now bass). when the two bass children worked together in a scheme it was time to watch out. anyone who got in their way was burnt.

V: we have to think of something really brillient to take him down. let him learn he cant mess with the children of chuck and blair.
G: excatly, we could do it tomorrow at the constance/st. judes ball. it will be a party to remember.
V: ah yes the one for all of the school. freshmen up to seniors. i like the sound of that. but we need a plan first.
G: one that will completly destroy him.
V: little brother anda truly are the only one that understands proper scheming.
G: thats because when anda have parents like ours it just come naturally.
V: indeed, i cant wait for madeline to go to kindergarten and see what kind of troble she gets into. if only mrs granger was still there she would Cinta to have a third bass child in her school.
G: not to mention she was there when our father was aswell.
V: maybe it wouldnt be good if she had another bass in her school.
G: why?
V: well it might end up giving her a hati, tengah-tengah attack, plus we get to see what this new headmistress is like handling a bass.
G: oh how fun it would be to see that. madeline is already menunjukkan signs of bass-like behaviour.
V: really?
G: yes i took her to the park the other hari and she was in the sand box, some little girl accidently hit maddie's hand and maddie put sand on her head.
V: well thats good but how did anda get away with it? im sure there was an angry parent.
G: i berkata i was her teenage father and that her mother left me to look after the child.
V: did she fall for that? (laughs)
G: not one bit, espicially when maddie berkata your not my father gregy your my brother.
V:(laughs) anda should of just berkata her father was chuck bass. give the her a run for her money.
G: back to this plan...
V: oh yes i think i have the perfect plan.
G: do share...


tyler came utama that evening to see his parents in the kitchen. his mother was making makan malam, majlis makan malam and his father had wrapped his arms around her from behind and his chin rested on her shoulder. they looked like the perfect couple but if anda knew them, anda knew they were far from perfect. they still had alot to work out as far as tyler thought. he wondered how his mum could ever forgive his dad after what he did to them. he was a horrible father, and he was trying to make up for it but tyler couldnt trust him.
now there was a new baby being brought into this whole problem and tyler knew if his father started to be abusive and take and sell drugs again that it wouldnt be as easy to get rid of him.

Ty: hei im home.
Je(jenny): hei sweetie, how was school and how was football?
Ty: good and good.
Da(damien): any girlfriends.
Ty: no. (said coldly)
Je: you're ok about this new baby arent you?
Ty: that's completly fine.
Je: good because i wouldnt want to spend most of the pregnancy trying to convice anda that this is a good thing.
Da: a chance to start over.
Ty: a chance for anda to find a whole knew punching bag. opps did i say that out loud...
Je: tyler your father is not like that.
Ty: anymore... but all it takes is one thing to make that change. and what changed last time to make him like that, oh yes there was a new child in the house. what makes anda think the same wont happen again with this new child.
Da: that wont happen again tyler and it was nothing to do with the fact that anda were born it was due to the fact that i had a drug problem.
Ty: that doesnt change anything, if it wasnt for chuck and blair noticing that mother was Berlakon strange it wouldnt have ended.
Da: yes and i thank them for notcing because then i got help and realised what i had done. im sorry for hitting anda and your mother but it wont happen again.
Ty: i cant be sure of that. victoria, nathan and hannah dont trust you, uncle dan, brooke, rachel and auntie annie dont trust you. chuck, blair, serena, nate, geogina and jack dont trust anda and they are meant to be your friends. nobody trusts anda and to be honest i think mother is a little stupid for taking anda back.
Je: tyler I...
Ty: save it, i dont care. anda do what anda want. but i wont let him treat my family 'which only includs anda and my new little brother atau sister' like shit.
Da: tyler i'll never do that again, i Cinta anda and your mother.
Ty: no anda dont, if anda did anda wouldnt have got addicted to drugs and hit me and my mother in the first place. so anda two need to stop Berlakon like the perfect family and go back to reality and figure out if it is really best if anda two should have another child. atau if anda should even be together.
Da: tyler i want to make things right.
Ty: good luck with that, maybe when your on your death katil i'll forgive you. atau not.
Je: tyler that is enough, go to anda room!
Ty: with pleasure.


brooke and rachel came utama from the park with their little brother jonathan. they were swinging him sejak the arms and he was laughing his head off. only a 3 tahun old would find it so funny. they walked to see their parents.

D(dan): did anda have fun today?
R: well johnny certainly did he has been laughing all evening.
Br: yep all evening is not an exageration he was even laughing when he was eating the ice cream we bought him.
D: well its good he had such a great time (lifts jonathan and tickles him making him laugh more)
J(jonathan): i had lots of sweeties today.
An(annie): so anda made him hyper and now we wont be able to get him to sleep tonight.
Br: sorry mother but it wasnt planned we just Cinta to spoil our little brother.
R: well brooke does i rather spoil myself.
D: i never thought my children would be like upper east siders
Br: we do live here dad, what did anda expect?
D: i know anda live here but i didnt mean to spoil anda three rotten just because im the editor of a newspaper and make alot of money.
R: plus your a famous penulis father dont forget that.
D: how could i? it was about my perfect family.
Br: we are perfect arent we?
R: of course. all humphreys are.
Br: how is the other humphrey clan?
An: as far as your father has told me jenny is doing fine.
R: what about tyler? tyler still doesnt trust him.
D: i dont blame tyler for not tusting him, it was a stupid thing for your auntie jenny to take him back. and then to be pregnant is another mistake.
Br: but auntie jenny loves him, yu cant help who anda fall in Cinta with. your hati, tengah-tengah is the one thing nobody can control.
R: that may be so but anda dont go to someone who treats anda that way.
An: well i visited them the other hari and he seems to be really trying.
D: i dont care if he is trying he hurt my sister and my nephew. i wouldnt want one of the girls to take back someone who would treat them like that and i know anda wouldnt.
An: if they loved them and the man was willing to make it work i would wish them all the good luck and happieness.
Br: i agree with mom.
R: i agree with dad.
An: come here my little monster (laughs and takes jonathan of dan) im going to go make the dinner.
D: so what else have anda girls got up to today?
Br: i seen some guy eating rachels face.
D: rachel jennifer humphrey!
R: daddy at least i just Ciuman boys, our own little brooke annie humphrey is no longer in posesion of her presious v-card.
D: is this true brooke!
Br: no (doesnt look him in the eye)
D: brooke annie humphrey is it true?!
Br: ok, i cannot tell a lie. i am not a virgin, my v-card was swiped, i have had sex. put it anyway anda like but it is true.
D: who might i ask is in posestion of it?!
Br: i'd rather not put him in the dog house.
D: Brooke?!
Br: Gregory bass (said quitely)
D: (face turns red with anger) GREGORY BASS! CHUCK BASS' SON!
Br:(nods her head) yes
R: hold on anda two stop the shouting, dad gregory would never treat me and brooke like some common whore. he respects us to much and he respects anda aswell. and it is brooke's desicion as to when and who she loses her virginity to. now we will continue to be gregory's friend and if anda dont like it then thats fine but keep anda opinions to yourself. because brooke is right, chuck bass wouldnt be to kind to someone who berkata his son was a demon.
D: anda WILL NOT HANG AR....
An: they will hang around with gregory bass. now after that very mature speech from our daughter i realised that they would not do something if they were not looking to do so. normally i would have acted the same as anda just did but i think these girls understand the concept of peer presure and not doing something they dont want to do.
R: we also understand the concept of protection.
Br: yes and if it makes anda feel better gregory didnt force me into anything. it was my idea, he also asked me if i 100% wanted to do it and i still berkata yes. he doesnt treat me and rachel like everyone else.
D: im still not happy about this.


nathan came utama that day, he didnt smell like the joint he had earlier as hannah took him to her house and when he was in the pancuran, pancuran mandian she put his clothes in the washing machien and in the tumble dryer. he came utama and seen his mother and father, two brothers and little sister sitting around the meja, jadual playing monopoly.

Na: hello family.
T(tristan): hei big bro.
A(Aidan): hei big bro (copys the exact way tristan berkata it)
Se(selena): hi nathan! (runs and hugs him)
Na: no hello from my mother and father then. (picks up selena)
S(serena): good evening sweetie how was your day?
Na: the usual, boring school, hang out with friends.
N(nate): school days are the best days of your life remember that.
Na: unless planning a take down everyday then schooldays will never be the best days of my life.
S: anda are so much like chuck its unbelieveable and anda arent blood related so i dont know where anda got it from.
T: maybe the fact that chuck is dad's bestfriend and that one of nathan's bestfriends is victoria bass. who acts quite a bit like her father.
N: good analgy.
S: nate i remember the days when anda didnt know what analgy meant.
Na: i heard from chuck dad was a pot head.
T: i couldnt imagine dad smoking pot.
Se: what's pot?
A: yeah what's pot?
N: nothing that anda need to know of.
S: stop mentioning things like that around your little brother and sister boys.
Na+T: sorry.
T: well then maybe nathan takes that stuff because dad did.
Na: shut up.
S: please tell your mother that anda little brother is lying.
T: i speak nothing but the truth, i seen him today being helped up sejak hannah bass.
S: i think im going to be sick.
N: just breathe serena. anda shouldnt be taking that stuff nathan.
Na: sorry i'll try my hardest to stop it my take a while and alot of hard work but i will try.
S: good. anda really are our little rebel. dying anda hair so dark its nearly black and smoking.
T: i like nathan's hair.
Se: me too.
A: i like my hair.


gregory and victoria came utama and were attacked sejak madeline as soon as they stepped foot in the door. their parents were stting on the sofa, their mother was propped up against their fathers chest and he had his arms around blair.

G:(lifts madeline) hei guys my and vicky are home.
B(blair): finally utama is what anda should say where were anda two?
V: plotting aginst someone who deserves to be destroyed.
C(chuck): and who might this person be?
G: patrick baizen.
M(madeline): i dont like melissa baizen she annoys me.
C: well i will allow anda to plot against the baizens.
B: so will i.
V: i knew anda would. and when anda are older maddie anda can play tricks on melissa baizen.
M: yay!
G: might not be to long until shes doing that.
B: yes because both of anda started around 4 atau 3 years of age.
C: gregory was the worst.
B:(laughs) yes that's true but i'd have to say the vicky is worse now.
C: i wonder what this little trouble maker will be like (takes madeline from gregory)
V: it's not trouble making, it's just her being a typical bass. plus we have mixed Geans of the greatest schemers in the history of constance and st. judes which makes us extra deadly.
G: my sister tells no lies. (looks at a message on his phone) opps.
V: what?
G: brooke's dad knows i took her virginity.
V: ewww.
C: anda took brooke humphrey's virginity?
G: yep
V: ewww stop saying it. dont want to be mentally scarred for life.
B: and i dont want to know about my 13 tahun old son's anda know what life.
C: anda know what life?
B: i dont want to say the word in front of maddie.
V: any word on the other humphrey household. tyler, jenny and damien?
B: jenny is pregnant
V: i know tyler told me.
B: well then i also heard that tyler told his father off today because jenny called to talk about her sons behaviour.
G: good on tyler, damien deserves all he gets.
V: greg's right. i remember seeing some of the bruises and marks on tyler... and jenny. i may have been young but they were brutal.
C: jenny was stupid to take him back.
B: yes but it isnt our business. we will support jenny no matter what decision she makes.
V: i'll support tyler not jenny for making a stupid decision.
G: me too.
M: me three.
(they all laugh)

A/N: hope anda enjoyed it. it is mostly about the family's in this one but i thought it would be a fun thing to do. please review and tell me all your thoughts. likes and dislikes so i can improve. Cinta ya. xoxo.

 plan destroy baizen!!!
plan destroy baizen!!!
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