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This Blair & Chuck seni peminat contains saman perniagaan and sut perniagaan.

It was a week after Eleanor Waldorf's funeral and Blair seemed to be getting herself back to normal, bit sejak bit, step sejak step. Chuck was happy to see that Blair was smiling again even if she was still hurting on the inside, which it was obvious that she was. Blair was getting over her mother's death, even though it was taking time.

Blair and Chuck were sitting in the courtyard of Constance Billiard School and Chuck's hands were laying tenderley in Blair's. Blair was happy Chuck that he was there for he, she didn't know what she would have done if she had been on her own. ''How anda feeling?''...
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This post is going to be somewhat of a challenge, but the Blairstans in us are compelled to write it anyway. Watching Blair this season has been similar to watching a train wreck atau the movie “Sybil” but we Cinta her regardless. We understand why some peminat-peminat are mourning her and others don’t want anything to do with her, but we don’t think Blair should be written off. We think she has some good reasons for Berlakon the way she is, and we refuse to believe she is Lost to us.

Blame the writers.

Although the writers are unaware of the fact that we’re fighting atau maybe they’re not, we...
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 did anda not think bass was an keldai B?!
did you not think bass was an ass B?!
hope anda enjoy my latest installment of chuck and blair.
GG: it's morning again and it has been three weeks and still no sighs of our Dark Prince getting better. for our Queen B it is a long wait dont worry B he'll be fine... but thats just my opinion.

At the hospital:

(Chuck has bruised ribs and had to get several stitches. he has been unconsious ever since the accident and the doctors say he can probably hear them. blair hasnt left his bedside unless a doctor atau her mother forces her to leave.)

S(Serena): anda need to come get something to eat...
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