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“People DON'T write sonatas about being compatible atau novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation, the GREAT LOVES are the crazy ones"-4x22

so what happned?? where's the real blair waldorf?? where's this balir waldorf?? the blair that loved Challenges, the blair who didn't care/needd/want the a approve people for her relationship.

why is all of sudden seedling for (being compatible, shared life goals and stimulating conversation) why isn't she looking for the GRAT LOVE?
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Poker Face-- Blair Waldorf-- Oneshot

A/N: I had another sleepless night last night so I got Penulisan this little one shot. I haven't written a one shot for a while and I really wanted to finish one. I've got about three on the go but I never seem to finish them with my other two stories to do too. Anyway I'm surprised sejak myself here that I have never just done a Blair peminat fiction. But this is all about the wonderful Blair so I hope anda all enjoy it. Please review, I really appreciate it. Thank anda xoxo

Setting; Set when Blair is 16. She is Friends with Serena, they have patched things up. She...
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