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posted by deedeedot
Dr. Temperance Brennan was preparing some paper work when the phone rings.
„Hello Dr. Brennan, id like to inform anda that concerning to these days i decided to extend your days off sejak seterusnya week,“ the voice of Brennans boss, Dr. Camile Saroyan sound flatly.
„Oh Cam, i want to work, i need it and i dont need these days off,“ objected Brennan.
„I know , but anda need a rest too, so thats why im not gonna back up,“ she berkata with smiley voice.
„Ok, can i just take some paper work from the lab today?“
„Dr.Brennan, anda are not allowed to walk in the Jeffersonian till...
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added by deedeedot
Temperence Brennan sat at her desk, she held the lumba-lumba, ikan lumba-lumba tali pinggang buckle that belonged to her mother in her hands. A tear rolled on her cheek then dropped to the meja as she thought of her mother and the 15 years she missed with her. 15 years she had not known why she had left on the fateful hari and where she went. With her father back in her life, he had filled in the missing pieces of the puzzle. She had left out of Cinta and protection for her daughter. And, 5 years lalu today, she had died. Thinking of her childhood, another tear slipped down her cheek and onto her desk.

Although she had not noticed,...
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posted by livi_wells
Brennan leant over the table, a femur in her hands. She examined the bone, but for once in her life, this man's death wasn't the only thing whirring quietly in her mind. The thought of Seeley Booth was niggling at her sub-conscience, his smile, his gentle touch, his personality. She knew the dead body infront of her demanded full attention, but she couldn't give it. Not after Booth's gift, the beautiful pen and Ciuman she had waited so long for.

Seeley Booth stood below the platform, watchcing Brennan. She stared into space, he didn't seem to be concentrating on the bone she was holding. He walked...
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added by Kaydie
A REALLY good video!
Cinta story
Taylor Swift
posted by deedeedot
well this fiction is a bit lebih unreal than the first one, but hope anda gonna like it anyways!

Booth walked into the Brennans office while she wasnt there and sit on the chair.
Vrennan walked in without knowing about him. She sits on her chair with hands on her face.
„Whats wrong Bones?“ Booth ask her with soft voice.
„Oh, what are anda doin here, Booth? Nothin is wrong im just tired too many sceletons this week.“
„Umh, im here cos weve got the case, but anda are tired so i should try to find another partner,“ berkata Booth with cheeky smile on his face, because he knew that Bones like their...
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added by wolfhound159
this video is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice video and song sejak Ferryboat Dreamer