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Eve knew the stories of the Fall, of a time before she wandered into the colony of Eden, unable to recall anything but her name. She’s seen the aftermath of the technology that infused human DNA with cybernetic matter, able to grow new organs and limbs, how it evolved out of control. The machine took over and the soul vanished. A world quickly losing its humanity isn’t just a story to her though. At eighteen, this world is Eve’s reality.
In their Fallen world, Cinta feels like a selfish luxury, but not understanding what it is makes it difficult to choose between West, who makes her feel...
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 The Life and Career of Marie Osmond
The Life and Career of Marie Osmond
When celebrity biographer Randy Jernigan announced that he would be publishing a series of peminat buku celebrating stars that had positive reputations, he had no inkling of the tidal wave of hateful, mean spirited komen-komen about to come his way.

Shortly after his publishing company's announcement, several online tabloids wrote negative pieces about Randy's book series. Even popular blogger Perez Hilton wrote a story, attributing Petikan to Randy that proved false and misleading. When these reports began to surface, online trolls began to flock to Randy's social media pages leaving komen after...
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penulis reveals how he writes his buku
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