Brave The story of an adventurer

huasixue posted on Jul 20, 2012 at 06:59AM
A long time ago, the center of the sea there is a both a terrible and frightening, linkand no one to come back alive, and mention that parts of the island, the people tremble with fear, horror.

A world-renowned explorer want to try his guts too late, only starting tomorrow. Bringing a bright moonlight through the room, as it is with sleep. He made a miraculous dream: a fairy drifting over to say hello to him: "You'll go to that island, I'll buy you three things: a bottle can increase the strength of the pills, one pair ran quickly tiger slippers, and an uncanny ability to hoe. "

"Oh oh oh ......" chicken sounds to wake him, he quickly packed up starting. Just open the door, turned to see a bottle of pills, a pair of the Steller slippers and a hoe. The explorers wear link the tiger slippers, right hand holding a hoe to get on a small wooden boat came to this island of terror.
 "Ooo, ooo ..." one people listening to chilling voice floated into the ears of the explorer, but he did not flinch, continue to march to the depth of four forest deep leafy. Around a black trees, these trees grimace in pain and said to him: "You go back quickly or you will like previous explorers, tied there, slowly rotting." The explorers want to: according to it, say, a previous explorer is not dead. Regardless of the tree is strange how the explorer determined to move forward.
 "Ooo, ooo ..." This sounds more and more through the forest and found a black gas link enveloped the cave. The explorer look to the bottom of the cave, turned out to be an underground den.

 He slowly go down and found a faint light. The explorers accidentally stepped on, rolled to the bottom of the cave. Moved slowly along the walls, he went into a chamber, an inside door of the chamber shut. A few weeks later, the explorer does not accidentally step on one of its organs, the walls opened up. He heard a burst of screams after hiding in a large pillar. Is certainly the first few explorers. He flips a wall, and saw a devil cruel it to anger the name of several explorers. That several explorers feet slightly trembling, the explorers brave enough to stand out, serving a pill with both hands it to a hoe, will immediately become a towering giant, scared the devil half courage.

 Beelzebub to be outdone, rushed to the explorer. Under their efforts to fight the fight, the devil defeat.

That several explorers in the next applauded again and again. After a few weeks, the world thought he was the devil caught and lost hope that he also updated. Is the world has lost hope for that moment. A young man saw the distant open to a small wooden boat, with a few shabby coat, the return trip a few young people. Look closely, the disembarkation of the original is that explorers and those caught by the devil.

They told the world they experience on the island, people Doukua The young explorer was a brave man. All of him up in the air blows.

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