Bubbles walked down the halls of her middle school.Her long blonde hair swishing back and forth as she walked.She walked near her sister Blossom who looked at her.

"What happened to anda Bubbles."she asked.

Bubbles took her gum she was chewing and threw it in the trash."I gave myself a new look!"she exclaimed.

Blossom took her buku out her locker and turned to Bubbles."Yeah but how did anda do it?"

"Oh that's simple I just took my hair from the ponytails and realized it was long enough to leave out."she responded brushing her hair out her face.

Bubbles and Blossom walked toward their classes and met up with Sapphire who was with her sister Mackenzie.

"Does everybody have longer silkier hair today!"exclaimed Blossom as she looked at Sapphire and Mackenzie's hair.Their's too was shiny and silkier like Bubbles.

"I guess."Mackenzie simply said.

"I guess everyone wants new hair."said Sapphire as she walked with them.

"You should take out that bow of yours Blossom and wear your hair like ours."said Bubbles as she touched her sister orange and non silky hair.

Blossom moved from Bubbles reach and gave her a stern look."I like my bow it's my signature style."

"Yeah but look at all the guys Bubbles getting their practically putty in her well manicured hand!"exclaimed Mackenzie pointing at Bubbles as she walked ahead of us.

Bubbles looked back at her Friends and sister and winked at them and showed them a bunch of papers with guys numbers on it.

Blossom looked at her sister's shiny silky blonde hair and then looked at her hair.Her hati, tengah-tengah wanted to change but she wasn't sure if her mind was ready too.

As she was thinking over all of this they passed Brick,Boomer and Butch who seemed to only have their eyes on Bubbles,Mackenzie and Sapphire.Blossom groaned and hit her forehead with her non manicured hand.What was she gonna do?


"My stars Bubbles anda look...you look amazing."Ms.King berkata as she took a look at Bubble's hair.

She walked over there and touched Bubble's long hair.

"Oh it feels like a rainbow,clouds and silk!"Ms.King said.

Blossom looked at Bubbles.She knew Bubbles didn't mean to do this it was just her hair.But still Blossom couldn't help but feel jealous,I mean wouldn't anda if your sister was overly popular now?

It was two minit after eight and Ms.King was still touching Bubble's hair!

Blossom grew restless,she didn't like it so she went over to Ms.King.

"Excuse me but uh we need to learn something."Blossom said.

Ms.King noticed all the children looking at her and then went to Blossom and then blushed a bright red.

"Oh dear,she said.I seem to have wasted time I'm terribly sorry class."

Ms.King walked to the chalkboard and began to right the word "The Old Stone Age."but before she even put down her chalk the loceng went off.

"Great class was disturbed sejak Bubbles."said Blossom under her breath.


It was time for art and Blossom was determined to learn something,surely a guy teacher wouldn't get distracted sejak hair...right?!

Bubbles ran after Blossom unaware of Blossom anger she kept inside.

"Blossom why did anda run off anda always wait for me."asked Bubbles as she connected her arm in Blossom's arm.

"I guess I forgot."Blossom berkata lying she really left her because of her hair.

They entered into art class and sat down seterusnya to Britney and Alex to girls they barely knew.Today they were gushing over how pretty Bubble's hair is.

"OMG,Alex look at her hair!"said Britney.

"Oh my gosh I know it's Beautiful!!"she berkata back.

"Oh Bubbles anda have to tell us about that new gorgeous hair anda have."insisted Alex.

Blossom rolled her eyes at the two girls sitting before her."It's just hair!"she berkata under her breath.

The art teacher told everyone to start working on their sea paintings.

Blossom walked to the meja, jadual to get her picture,all Bubbles had to do was simply start to get up and the girl crazy boys would do the rest.Blossom knew Bubbles wasn't being like this on purpose ,she just felt anda know...not equally treated.

The class was going smooth and well and sejak the end of it Blossom was happy but also annoyed at all the komen-komen Alex made about Bubble's cool hair.She got up up from her kerusi, tempat duduk and walked off.


Bubbles was enjoying the school hari as well.She was getting many stares and gawks and eye rolls sejak jealous girls.She met up with Buttercup who just came from Bola sepak practice.Buttercup brushed her hair out her sweaty face.

"Whoa nice look Bubbles."she said.

"Thanks but it's nothing."

They walked to the lockers to meet up with Blossom.She was just about to walk away when she saw her sisters walk toward her.

"Hey sis!"called out Bubbles.

Slightly embarrassed Blossom smiled weakly at her sister.

Blossom stopped to wait for her sister and then they went to lunch.


"Really."said a annoyed Blossom,"I can't even eat lunch.

Practically all the boys were gawking at Bubbles,some even sat sejak her,she just giggled.

Buttercup was sitting sejak Bubbles on her left.

Bubbles looked up from her pasta and gave Blossom a sad face.

"What's wrong."she asked her sister.

Blossom didn't want to hurt Bubble's feeling so she just simply shrugged.

The rest of the lunch period was quiet except for the boys trying to give stuff to Bubbles.

Blossom couldn't wait to get out of their.


seterusnya they had Spanish and Blossom remembered that the class was filled with boys and not enough girls,and to make matters worse Brick was there!

Bubbles walked with Blossom to Spanish when they got their all the boy's mouth went out all of them drooling over Bubbles.Blossom glanced over at Brick he was ignoring Bubbles,Blossom was glad.

Bubbles took her kerusi, tempat duduk seterusnya to Brick and winked at him.Blossom saw a little smirk on his face.

"Grrrr!"she berkata picking at the eraser.

Mrs.Chestnut stated class,they were learning about the Spanish alphabet.

"A,B,C,D..."said Mrs.Chestnut out loud.The class followed her lead.Blossom was glad nothing was ruining Spanish for her.


The buses pulled out to the front of the school as the children eager to get out of school.

Blossom looked everywhere for Bubbles and she got boiling mad when she found out where she was.

Bubbles was walking out with Brick,Boomer and Butch,laughing and giggling with the three boys.

Blossom got super jealous when she saw that Brick put his arm around Bubbles.That was suppose to be Blossom laughing with them not Bubbles.

Blossom continued to watch her sister.She got madder and madder as she saw them goofing off with her now popular sister,when Brick gave Bubbles a piece of paper.Blossom got super duper mad!She stormed to her bus.

Pretty soon Bubbles got on the bus and sat seterusnya to Brick.Blossom heard whispering and giggling.

After Jason got off Brick got off with his brothers so Bubbles sat down with Buttercup.

When they got utama Blossom stormed into her room and punched and kicked the air.SHE WAS STEAMED!!!

Bubbles came in the room and sat her book down and went downstairs.After she left Blossom looked at Bubble's book bag and took out the paper.

"No way."she berkata looking at it.

THE NOTE SAID: Meet me at the carnival for a fun time

She stuffed the paper back into the bag.


a note from the author-

if anda want to find out about the carnival tarikh stay tuned and I'll message anda when it's done.


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