Bubbles tossed her hair to the side causing Blossom to get really mad.She just couldn't believe Brick chose her as his girlfriend over Blossom!She was steamed.She looked at Bubbles new hair.It was amazing,she had to know her secret she just had to!!Bubbles hair shook back and forth as she continued to text to Brick.She then got up to get her a Pepsi.

Just then Buttercup walked down the stairs wearing shorts and a t-shirt that looked like it was slept in.

"What's go anda into a twist?"she asked finally making it to the living room.

Blossom pointed at Bubbles who was still raiding the fridge.

"Oh her shiny new hair got anda mad."she berkata sitting on the couch.

"Not only that but she has Brick!He was my crush since Kindergarten!And now he's dating a preppy blonde!"Blossom berkata crossing her arms.

Buttercup rolled her eyes and clicked on the t.v.Bubbles came back with a sprite she sat near the end of the sofa, kerusi panjang to continue to text Brick.Blossom was about to freeze her when their dad showed up.

"Hows my little pumpkins."he asked messing up Blossom plain hair.

"I'm fine."said Blossom fixing her hair.

"I'm good."said Buttercup still channeling through the stations.

"I'm good Professor."said Bubbles.

Professor walked near the dapur to make breakfast.Pretty soon the room was filled with the smell of eggs.

After the breakfast Bubbles got ready to meet Brick who was at the park waiting for her to get there.

Finally there, she kissed Brick on his cheek.They went sejak the lake to have their picnic.Brick gently laid the blanket down for them to sit on and took to sandwiches out the basket.Munching on the ham sandwich, sandwic Brick gazed out into the crystal lake.

Blossom was in the room gazing at her reflection.Her orange hair didn't look perfect.She took out her bow,the only difference is that her hair was now fully down to her stomach.She grunted in annoyance.

"How does Bubbles do it?"she asked looking at herself in the mirror.

She put the bow back on her orange hair and took it off again this time she saw a little spark in her hair.

She took off her bow again to see if she wasn't mistaking it.Nope she had seen the spark!

She danced all around the room.Galloping,dancing,chuckling,prancing,skipping ,hopping jumping on the bed!Blossom was happy she had a way to be better than Bubbles.She raced downstairs and went out the door.


She went to the boy's house.She pushed open the door.

She looked around for Brick she wanted to prove she was better than a blonde.

She didn't see him but she did see the remarks and reactions of the boys.

Boomer drooled over her taking it all in,while Butch was repeating:"Hot"!

She let the boys take one last look and then flew off.

Bubbles and Brick laid together and watched as the clouds past when Blossom showed up.

"Hey Blossom!"Bubbles called.

"Quiet I came to collect what's mine."she berkata walking toward the couple.

She made her way toward Brick and kissed him.DEAD IN BUBBLES VIEW.

The Ciuman seemed to go on and on and when it stopped Brick was out of words while Bubbles had tears in her eyes.Covering her eyes she ran off toward their house.

Blossom realizing what she just done flew off after her.


At the house Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup's room was covered with tears and tissues.The door was locked so that no one could come in.

Bubbles sat near her dresser and tore up the picture she and Brick took on their date.Crying her eyes out she hugged Octi her only friend at the moment.

Suddenly a buzz went off on her phone.It was Brick she ignored the buzzing and cried her eyes out.

Outside the door Professor gave upset looks at Blossom.

Blossom sighed.WHAT DID SHE DO?!