Bubbles: Hello out there, Bubbles lovers! I'm Bubbles, and welcome to the first episode of my new soalan show, Ask Bubbles! Ask me something, whether it be my Cinta for Haiwan atau anything else like that. Now roll it!

Question #1: What is your kegemaran animal?

Bubbles: [holding a rabbit] Well, I would say, a bunny! Isn't that right, Mr. Cottontail? [snuggles rabbit]

Question #2: Even when Blossom bosses anda around, does that mean anda still Cinta her?

Bubbles: Yes, because she sometimes treats me like a little sister. Right Blossom?
Blossom: Thumbs up, Bubbles, even though I don't have thumbs.

Question #3: Are there times where anda and Buttercup get along fine?

Bubbles: I remember, when we brushed Blossom's hair but we accidentally ruined it but then we treated her like a laughingstock. Ehh.... I don't know any others.

Question #4: hei Bubbles, did anda notice that someone just painted a face on the back of your head?

Bubbles: What? What face? [looks around back and forth, revealing the face, which has glasses resembling hers, on her head's back] Where is it? [angrily] Cause if I find it, it better not be anda two!

Cut to Blossom and Buttercup, holding paintbrushes behind their backs and hiding a bucket of black paint behind them. Despite their attempts to look innocent with a shake of their heads, we can clearly see that they are holding their laughter and blushing.

Bubbles: Mm-hmmm...? Okay, seterusnya question! [reaches behind her head, then sees her hand smudged in paint] Son of a-!

Bubbles is about to swear, but a cut to the seterusnya (and final) soalan cuts her off.

Question #5: What would anda look like without your pigtails?

Bubbles: I don't know? A banshee, but much cuter and less scarier?
Blossom: [walks into the room; scatting the PPG tune] hei Bubbles, I just wanted to- [sees Bubbles' hairstyle] OH MY GOD! MY EYES!! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!!! [runs away] I CAN'T UNSEE THAT HORRIBLE SIGHT!
Bubbles: Sheesh, what's her problem?

seterusnya scene; Bubbles is seen in the bedroom, sitting in the chair near the mirror where she usually is, and her hair is refixed with her pigtails.

Bubbles: That's enough of the soalan we answered today. Because this has generic questions, I hope anda komen seterusnya episode's anwers on this artikel so I can answer them. Until then, bye bye Bubbles lovers!

Screen shuts down like a TV, ending the fanfic.

The End.