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It had been hours since the herd had left, disappearing into the mist which hunched protectively over the land, the bold faces of snowy mountains dim in the distance. It was towards these very cliffs that the family of mammoths, two opossums, a couple of saber-tooth tigers, two sloths, and a hedge-hog gravitated, leaving the rubble of broken ice and smashed weapons behind them.
    In desultorily positions however, protruding from the snow and icy clusters, the stiff limbs of the pirates remained.
    One would think the defeated crew of the late Captain...
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Buck stood on bahagian, atas of a high cliff over looking the (surface) land. He could see in the distance the shadows of great mountains, he could see snow-covered fields and plains as well. In front of him out-streatched a pine pokok forest. (Which was, of course, covered in snow.)
"It's a big world out there," He told himself thoughtfully.
He smiled.
"And I belong someplace in it. And today, I will find that place," He promised himself. But where do I begin? He thought.
Suddenly, he felt a warm breath on the back of his neck. His smile faded as he turned around to see a saber-tooth tiger staring at...
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