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blaster is butterflys male version.he likes to stilling butterfly's stuff. like butterfly, he loves lions, tigers, panteras and others.
likes: climbing on a tree, mcdonald's, jumping, listen to punk rock music, distroing, fighting, dark, BMW, computer games, football, soccer, swimming, doing some sports, stilling, scary movies, video games, having a competition with lions, girls, black cars, labradors, dalmatins, dogs, wolfs, figting with butterfly, name moon zappa ...
dislakes: chihuahuas, dressing, books, school, homeworks, cats, russia, buses, wedding day, eating a fish, mall, red T-shirts, study, brick when he talking too much, clasic, blondies, hot drinks, do all the work, chickens when they watching to him :D, silly questions, thinking, japanize cartoons...

special power: big bang boom
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