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posted by jacob-superhoty
"I'm sorry to be the one to tell anda this but blood is thicker than water. It's like tomato, sos tomato sup in thickness, and that tomato, sos tomato sup is also thicer than water in other words...",I started to say. "NEXT!!!", berkata Stephanie. "WHAT! anda didn't even let me finish!!", I protested. "I'm really sorry but I just couldn't let anda go on. That was absoloute MURDER! anda really SUCKED. Didn't anda practice at all?", she continued. I used to be Stephanie's best friend in the whole very wide world. But I started dating a guy she liked and she "let me of the hook." I believe her exact words were," I'm sorry...
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Meow! That is the sound anda hear when anda meet your cat walking down the doorway. It will alih with his head and tail held high, looking directly at your eyes and emitting a faint sound summoning anda to follow wherever it goes. That is your cat? Right? The fluffy little mass, whose behavior seems quite odd at times, and leaves anda baffling with a variety of questions.

Have anda ever thought that your cat is an aloof creature to you? Then it is because anda do not understand it. Your cat is always trying to communicate to anda through its gestures and body language, so to know your cat more, you...
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 The first book in the Warriors series.
The first book in the Warriors series.
Warriors is a new series that came out sejak Erin Hunter. IT is a fiction series about wild rogue Kucing that live in the forest for survival. I will tell anda about the first one in the series.
For generations, four clans of wild Kucing have shared the forest according to the laws laid down sejak their warrior ancestors. But the Kucing of ThunderClan are in grave danger, and the sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying-and some deaths are lebih mysterious than others...
In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty...who may turn out to be the greatest Warrior of them all.
 Fireheart and his best friend, Graystripe.
Fireheart and his best friend, Graystripe.
 Fireheart's true love, Spottedleaf.
Fireheart's true love, Spottedleaf.
 THe Clan medicine cat has a special connection with StarClan.
THe Clan medicine cat has a special connection with StarClan.
 Brokenstar is the evil tyrant that leads ShadowClan.
Brokenstar is the evil tyrant that leads ShadowClan.
 Firepaw and Ravenpaw live in fear of Tigerclaw.
Firepaw and Ravenpaw live in fear of Tigerclaw.
 All Clans worship StarClan
All Clans worship StarClan
 THe saat book in the series.
THe second book in the series.
This is the time of the tahun that can spell disaster to your cat. Decorations like tinsel, ribbon from packages, poinsettias, boxes of chocolates sitting out on coffee tables.

It also seems to be true – the same way that your car goes dead on the Sunday of a long weekend atau on a country road in the middle of nowhere - that your cat will only get itself in some major life-threatening situation after regular vet office hours, atau in the middle of a major all roads shut down snow storm.

Knowing how to help your cat right away can make all the difference.

Three things anda should always have in...
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posted by katetekiku
This is a senarai of Rawak facts about cats.

-Cats cannot be vegetarians, because they need nutrients from meat.

-Most dog foods don't have the correct amount of nutrients needed for a cat.

-Cats spend 8 to 50 percent of their hari grooming themselves.

-Cats' whiskers are actually touch sensitive hairs, which serve a major sensory function in tactile perception (sense of touch).

-Wet cat Makanan is highly recommended sejak scientists, because of the water intake.

-Cats' ears can hear up to 2 octaves higher than our ears, atau 60 to 80 Kilohertz.

-Cats alih their tail as a communication sequence.

-Cats have a...
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posted by azumarill
lolcats.com is a website of catpics with a funny caption.its funny, and anda will have to know txt laungauge cos there is a lot of that.there is a book out now called "i can has cheezburger" READ IT! lolhere is the link: www.lolcats.com

enjoy the lolness!
LOL lol

ps anda can also make your own LOL cats. anda can use your own pics atau pics from the website. lolcats is really enjoyable and it very lol-like so i really hope anda enjoy it cos its awesome.
psswho has a tabby cat? ME! I Cinta LOLCATS make sure anda dont copy other lolcats that are already made because it could me copyright-and anda could be fined :O
 Shade & Frost as kittens.
Shade & Frost as kittens.
Owl knew that Lily's anak kucing would be born soon. "The first one's coming!" yowled Lily. "I'll help you!" Owl meowed. Soon the anak kucing were all born. They were; Ash, a grey she-cat with brown eyes, Shade, a black tomcat with green eyes, and Frost, a white she-cat with blue eyes. "We must see if Frost is deaf," mewed Lily. "I'll get Ivy," promised Owl. "So, ya want me to check if this one's deaf?" purred Ivy. "Yes, please sister," Lily purred back. "Frost, can ya here me?" asked Ivy. "Mew," mewed Frost. "Well, she's not deaf," meowed Ivy.

To be continued...
 Ash as a kitten.
Ash as a kitten.
 Ivy (grey & white), Lily (ginger), Owl (black)
Ivy (grey & white), Lily (ginger), Owl (black)
 Shade & Frost as adults.
Shade & Frost as adults.
posted by Katclub8
 I need a home. After being left in the streets, and seperated from my mom, I am helplessly in need of a caring family.
I need a home. After being left in the streets, and seperated from my mom, I am helplessly in need of a caring family.
So many Haiwan have been abused. People like anda and me, animal shelters, and animal police have decided to take action and save the cats. I think that we should as well, take action and save them as well. Many have broken bones, Lost limbs, eye site, and even died for how badly treated they are. So many people think that when they enter that adoption center and look at that helpless animal, 'No way do I want that! I don't want a animal that hideous in my home!' But those people don't care. It's like they think that they don't have soals. But they are wrong. Haiwan have soals, and we just...
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When my cat Lacey was little, he was on the streets. When the Humane Society truck came around, he was the only cat of his litter that was found. I'd consider him lucky. My mother picked him up at the Humane Society when he was about 8 weeks old. He was my best friend. We did a lot together. That may sound strange, but anda can figure it out. He is 7 years old now, A.K.A, 49.
My kitten Peyton was also found at the Society. She was crying, mainly because she had a bladder infection. If we hadn't picked her up, she would've died. Right now she is healthy and happy, and is growing every day. I...
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posted by dottiegirl2001
It was a normal Thursday around the town of Pelothia on Cat Island. In this whimsical land only spoken of in fantasy, Kucing are considered deities. They rule over the small towns, such as Pelothia(my utama town), Felicia, and Crysarium.

Pelothia is a town known for their food. From cat cakes to catfish the town's supplies were abundant. Their ruler, Penothy, is a black cat that rules over the town. Felicia is a vacation spot known for their beaches and fun. Felice, the ruler, is kind and fun loving and has many festivals. Finally, Crysarium is known for their gems and jewels. Their ruler, Crystal,...
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posted by zhuzhufan
Kucing are beautiful smart aniamls but why should we adopt them not buy them? this is why!

1. many Haiwan abused can overcome that and be a lovely pet.

2. pets can help anda in a time of grevive.
3. adoption fees can be less money!
4. pets are wonderful to have.
5. anda WILL SAVE THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these aniamls need help not just Kucing Anjing i adopted 2 anak kucing from this wonderful place go there..................................

give them a saat chance!!!!!!!!
Honestly, some of these people I don't even LIKE, but the fact I own Kucing just makes them cuter and worthy of hearts, in my opinion. (aka; Katy Perry. A redeeming feature is her cat.)

This is kind of a mini-picspam - as much of a picspam as it will allow. sejak the way, Simon Amstell's cat is gorgeous. Simon Amstell is much much lebih likeable now he has a cat, and this is coming from a BIG MASSIVE peminat already.

But lots of selebriti have atau have had cats, to name just a few: Russell Brand (he named his cat Morrissey. MORRISSEY.) Zooey Deschanel. John Lennon and George Harrison. Freddie Mercury. Audrey Hepburn. James Dean. morgan Freeman. Keira Knightley. Sienna Miller. James Franco. Etc etc etc.

And I had most of these saved already; I guess I just have a thing for attractive people with cats. Aww. Nobody is immune to cat charm.

There was no point to this artikel exactly; just a senarai of famous and/or attractive people who are cat people too.
posted by crazything
this is a true storie

hi my name is casey an i rescue an tame wild cats
ive recused over 30 Kucing an succeslully tamed 27 of them see a long time lalu i owned 2 Kucing wich got loose now we have over 65 driffent Kucing and kitten . and r Anjing chace the Kucing so i harrness flash and he finds them and i chach and tame them turst me its not easy than relesah them into the woods

no of 6/29/09 - 7/5/09 storm has been tamed and is now been released

if u have any thing u want to ask me leave a committie an ill get back to u

just to clear things up i o not keep all theas Kucing in a house they all live on a 65 acre farm i only have 3 Kucing that come in unless im tameing them
posted by kitty190123
A young homeless cat crawls into a driveway. Looking fora warm shelter, it climbs, face first, into a car peminat pipe. Suddenly, the car starts up. The cat's whisker gets stuck and she screeches. The car owner hears. But what will happen to this poor cat? Will she live? Find out in chapter 2. This is a true story.

posted by zhuzhufan
i wanted a pet ever since i was 3 and i could never have one we lived in a no pets apartment! but when we moved somewhere pet friendly i got 2 6 bulan old anak kucing i adopted them there was a litter of 4 2 boys 2 girls beautiful black cats! i will tell anda now reasons to Cinta black cats

posted by dangerdays
 This is Cleo planning on having a warm
This is Cleo planning on having a warm
I wish Sphynxs didnt get such bad press,they really are sweet creatures i wish they didnt get accused of being evil because of the way they look.I have a Sphynx and honestly Cleo would much rather have a warm, some food, then lots of sleep instead of planning world domination and seeing how she can cause harm. Shes extremely friendly and constantly wanting a fuss very loveable unfortunatley for Cleo she cant go outside the cold could kill her.Cleo got out once and we didnt realise at the time because shes so quick we had put the bin out and she must have dashed out and weve shut the door thinking...
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posted by galou_2010
Why? Because my 15 year-old cat fell from an eith floor balcony and... died. Just yesterday. I cried my eyes out. But I think she did it on purpose, because she knew the time was coming. And instead of just dying in a corner, she wanted to do it gracefully and swiftly sejak jumping off a balcony. I'm sure that's what she wanted.

Anyway, my parents, my brother, my dog and I went in a massive park full of forests, and dug a hole and put our dead cat in it.

RIP Marvelous Marvin.

I will never forget you.
Cat on the Hearth
The firelight flickers on the Chinese tray
And on the buku set snugly in their rack;
Copper and silver flow beneath its play,
The chairs are placed - what is it that
we lack?

She comes. With each foor delicately placed,
Advancing like a vestal to the rite,
She scorns to alih with unbecoming haste
atau note the lesser objests in her sight.

She settles couchant; curves one placid paw;
Beneath her chest; now curves its mate
the same;
Yeilds to the promptings of some ancient law
And fastens thoughtful eyes upon the flame

Now let the night wind rise, the grey
storm come
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 Max Contemplating His Bad hari
Max Contemplating His Bad Day
Woke up this morning. I needed to pee, badly. Ran to the litter box. It was being used. Ran to the other litter box, it was also in use. Ran to the litter box in the bathroom. The door was closed. Peed on the floor. Human came out of the bathroom and stepped in it. Got yelled at. Not my fault! Went to a corner in the basement to sulk.

Got called up to have breakfast. Didn't get upstairs fast enough and the dog ate most of it. Now I only get tasteless, low fat, diet crunchies for the rest of the day. I am really pissed off. This reminds me, I need to go again. Saw an empty carton lying on the...
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