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The best and the worst of 2008!

-Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

They're the Best Because … Justin gives Jessica piggyback rides. Last seen doing so in a small Italian village off the Amalfi coast (the location itself just triples the "aww" factor). Aside from the couple's ability to increase the romance in little ways — like, above, campaigning together for a new president — the big things also matter. For example, the two were in Italy primarily because Jessica was bridesmaid to her former 7th Heaven co-star, Beverley Mitchell, and it is a BIG DEAL that Justin accompanied Jessica to the wedding. Most boyfriends would dodge that -- and consequently, dodge what-if's about their future wedding. But Justin? He put on a suit and, just for a day, pretended he wasn't the biggest phenom present at those nuptials.

-Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson

They're the Worst Because … when Scarlett married Ryan, she got a whole lot un-sexier. Before she was a Missus, everybody crushed on the girl wearing just her underwear in Lost in Translation. In life, she was adventurous, proved sejak her naughty hookup with Benicio Del Toro in a hotel elevator and her playing Muse to younger-woman-obsessed Woody Allen. But now what has the Sexiest Woman Alive gone and done?! At 23, she's wed Ryan — bintang of Blade: Trinity, aka Alanis Morissette's leftover fiancé.

-Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron

They're the Best Because … Zac and Vanessa give new meaning to the term "high school sweethearts." They met in a different sort of high school — the kind made for TV (and later, the movies) in a Romeo/Juliet Cinta affair – except the end result is the furthest thing from suicide. Instead, Zac and Vanessa finally go public with their real-life romance. Now, the paparazzi will catch Zac clutching the small of Vanessa's back, and Vanessa can't help but gush about the good kisser in Zac atau adore his oddities like drinking raw eggs and hardening his hair with lots and lots of gel.

-Nick meriam & Mariah Carey

They're the Worst Because … boy-eater (man-eater? Ha!) Mariah withheld sex from Nick until marriage. So he could finish puberty? Well, not sure how long the wait could've been since the marriage happened quicker than anyone could warn Nick, "Don't let Mariah trick anda … into watching Glitter." Sources say that just before they wed, Nick and Mariah had been smitten for days. Days! Now, they're playing catch-up to get to know each other a little better; she's been watching his canon of Nickelodeon work; he's been memorizing the lyrics to songs like "Hero," which he vaguely remembers hearing on the radio when he was in the fourth grade.

-David Beckham & Victoria Beckham

They're the Best Because … David is the only person in the world that can get Victoria to wear flip-flops. Brits hated the idea of Posh hooking up with their insanely gorgeous football luminary — they called her a distraction. But a decade later, the Beckhams are still a glamorous tale of happily-ever-after, which includes three sons — all handsome little Davids. If only Posh's reality show, Victoria Beckham: Coming to America, had stuck … sigh.

-Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia

They're the Worst Because … a 30-year-old Milo made sexytime with 17-year-old Hayden. Wait a sec — the saying isn't "bros then hos"! Milo, however, showed no shame when he lusted after his on-the-boob-tube little niece, despite the fact that Heroes' infamous cheerleader was still … a child. Yes, Hayden's got voting rights now, but why does she insist on dressing like a middle-aged woman? Maybe so she’ll look age-appropriate when seterusnya to her fast-aging boyfriend.

-Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon

They're the Best Because … Reese fits perfectly in Jake's nook. Which is almost as cute as Jake holding hands with Deacon, Reese's five-year-old son with Ryan Phillippe. And we think it's sweet that Jake, just 27 years old, is able to find his inner Dad so easily. Reese returns the favor sejak visiting him on his Moroccan movie set, and braves hand-holding while he's dressed with dirt as the barbaric Prince of Persia. This past Bastille Day, the adorable pair shared fireworks under a Paris night sky, but Jake and Reese don't need Paris to release fireworks …

-John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston

They're the Worst Because … Jennifer took John back even after he used the gossip blogs to tell his version of the breakup — ahem, he broke up with her and performed spur-of-the-moment one-man comedy shows where Jennifer was the butt of most of his jokes. Apparently in Jen's brain, all this meant that she had to take John back, and she'd better visit Oprah’s to tell the folks at utama that she's very lucky in Cinta (Jen played coy about the possible twins in her uterus). And John going all therapy on the paparazzi? Jen says he won't be doing that again. Convinced?

-Rihanna & Chris Brown

They're the Best Because … Chris spent $800 on sexy pakaian dalam wanita, undies for Rihanna. A little Pakaian dalam was perhaps the perfect pick-me-up for Rihanna after her fainting spell on a stage in Sydney. Now what the new Jay Z and Beyonce need is a pantai getaway — Rihanna seems happiest when she's clad in an animal-print bikini, straddling Chris' shoulders in a Barbadian ocean. Like brother and sister? Yeah, right.

-Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo

They're the Worst Because … secretly? Tony is embarrassed sejak Jessica. First of all, there's the whole curse thing; so long as he dates her, Tony and the rest of his Dallas Cowboys won't win nothin'. Also, Tony needs to grow a pair and tell his woman to shut her mouth and stop declaring that he's "the Cinta of her life." (As if!) The only time it's OK to appear on tabloid covers with the headline "How I Found Cinta Again" is if you're Ellen 'n' Portia. Tony's stuck in Nick Lachey purgatory, and he's got only himself to blame.

-Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

They're the Best Because … Ellen married Portia on Aug. 16 in Los Angeles, where same-sex marriage was legal for a brief period. Ellen declared herself "the luckiest girl in the world." When the two began dating in December 2004, they were incredibly hush-hush (there was a bit of dating overlap with Ellen's ex and Portia's ex), but now, Ellen uses her talk tunjuk as her sharing-means-caring sounding board. She reveals awesomely romantic things about her life with Portia, like: "This is completion," and Portia says things like: "I really feel not alone for the first time in my life." Not only are Ellen and Portia unafraid to walk red carpets together (unlike Ben 'n' Jen atau Gwyneth 'n' Chris), we bet they have little dance parties, too — just the two of them.

-Paris Hilton & Benji Madden

They're the Worst Because … no matter how much Paris blogs about all that Cinta she's got for Benji, we still don't believe her (also, take the "B" kalung off, Paris). They just don't … fit. He's a bit of a schlub with dorky tattoos. The Greek shipping heir named Paris (remember him?) was a way lebih fitting himbo for our Hilton bimbo. And just one lebih thing: She's dating the twin brother of her ex-BFF. That's weeeird. Surely, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie think so. (But for the record, if it is some scheming competition, Nicole's ahead with a baby.)

-Jenny McCarthy & Jim Carrey

They're the Best Because … Jenny brings out the mature side in Jim, and Jim brings out the mature side in Jenny. Before their hook-up in late 2005, individually they thrived on being … well, very, very annoying. But now Jim loves Jenny's autistic son like he's his own, and together, they campaign for the fight against autism. Of course, they haven't Lost their humor; occasionally, Jenny will let Jim wear her bathing Suits — and for the record, he looks better than Borat.

-Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

They're the Worst Because … it's like Tom's got a LoJack on Katie. Maybe Katie likes Tom's controlling ways, but in most TomKat photographs, she either looks (a) crazy — as trademarked sejak Tom Cruise himself, (b) submissive in a "Yes, sir" way as Tom leads her along with a shove at the waist, atau (c) sad. Like she's sitting around on a park bench with Suri somewhere wondering where the real Katie Holmes has been for four years. All that this other Katie's managed to accomplish is displease the Batman franchise (Maggie Gyllenhaal says thank you!) and attempt an ill-fated career as a fashion designer.

-Seal & Heidi Klum

They're the Best Because … meterai fell in Cinta with Heidi when she was "fat." Well, to be accurate, pregnant. The hari that Heidi announced that she was pregnant with Formula-1 mogul Flavio Briatore's child, Briatore was photographed Ciuman the heiress to Swarovski. Enter Seal, who's so romantic, he even values a Ciuman from a rose. Leni was born — and Heidi is emphatic to point out that meterai is her father, not Flavio — and meterai wed Heidi on a pantai in Mexico. Then, when it seemed like Heidi would always be pregnant whilst hosting Project Runway, she and meterai stopped (for now … ) at two sons, Henry and Johan. Now, Heidi and meterai have co-performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion tunjuk (her in skivvies; him with a mic), collaborated on a duet, a song that meterai wrote for their nuptials, and annually, they co-host a killer Halloween fete. Couples that put Halloween makeup on together, stay together …

-Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag

They're the Worst Because … Speidi has never met an opportunity that it hasn’t milked for its last attention-whoring drop. Blame The Hills for bringing this couple into the world. They thrive on betrayal, BS arguments and plastic surgery, but guess what? It's all an act. It takes a special kind of commitment to willingly participate in an impromptu paparazzi shoot at the grocery store — "Here, Heidi. Hold these two watermelons in front of your boobs." Heidi couldn't be lebih grateful for Spencer.

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