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posted by twilighter4evr
 Robsten on the Red Carpet
Robsten on the Red Carpet
Even though Robsten maybe over, throughout the past 3 years they have brought two of my kegemaran novel characters to life on the big screen in one of the best ways I've ever seen in a film to this day. I noticed the magic between Rob & Kristen from the beginning it was clear to me that they had lebih then what normal movie co-stars tunjuk at public appearances the looks, the gestures were beyond a friendship. It saddens me that this betrayal will/could ruin one of my kegemaran on & off screen couples but it doesn't change the one think I'll always have...Belward. To now know that the relationship was real all this time let's me know everytime I'll watch a Twilight film Robsten was something amazing beyond the screen a closeness that I believe even if they are apart will last forever.
 Robsten at an awards tunjuk
Robsten at an awards show
 Bella saving Edward in New Moon (icon made sejak me)
Bella saving Edward in New Moon (icon made by me)
 Edward & Bella in BD 2 (icon made sejak me)
Edward & Bella in BD 2 (icon made by me)
 one of my kegemaran scenes in Eclipse
one of my favorite scenes in Eclipse
 the last Ciuman in Twilight
the last kiss in Twilight
 Robsten Photoshoot
Robsten Photoshoot
posted by HaleyDewit
This is my first rap song. It's about my co-worker. It's not very nice. Also, somewhere there's the line 'i don't mind being the hottest chick around' I usually don't say those kinds of things. She just really pissed me off.

Talking shit like a twit
That’s all anda can do
But when it comes down to it
Nothing gets through to you
You’re all big talk
But anda got no game
And this poor me crap
Is really fucking lame
Who the hell are you
To play victimized
We’ve all got issues, bitch
But I guess yours are worse than mine
If you’d be the honest person
You claim to be
You wouldn’t talk third
person singular...
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posted by iceprincess7492
OMG.... I don't even know where to begin!! haha.... well first of all i just want to wish anda a very Happy Friendship's hari Char! And tell anda that I've never met someone so artistically talented and dedicated to every single creation that anda make!! honestly, i know people who like drawing and making things but not like you!! no matter how many spots I create, atau Jezzi atau your own spots, each one of them has to have a unique ikon and banner which is all thanks to you!! ^_^

I mean this as an honest compliment when i say that you're the only friend i have who's older than me and whom i enjoy...
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posted by debie24
my name is debbie,I Cinta to play on Fanpop and talk and gab with friends,my kegemaran things are Supernatural and oh yeah sam winchester hes such a little hottie!I like dean also ,love castiel as well but sam has got my heart!I like to read somewhat like to watch movies,old tv shows and just have posting hot sam pics LOL .Im also a chair fan,also a brullian fan,im a bram peminat a brathan peminat also a jacob fan!also a jack sparrow peminat yeah!so im hoping that we can become Friends here if we are not already Friends thats my wish to have as many Friends as possible Fanpop Friends are the best!so heres to Fanpop Friends may the friendships form!!
posted by twilighter4evr
I've noticed on Fanpop several users have unique first names so I thought I'd share the unique names that run in my family.

Great Grand Parents
Franz (my mom's grandpa)
Birdie (my mom's grandma)

Grand Parent
Lilajean (my mom's mom)

Bettelinn (my mom)

Siblings & Myself
I have 3 sisters but only one has a unique name
Eva (my seterusnya older sister)
Charlee (my name like Charlene without the "n")

Niece's & Nephews
My Sister Tammy's Kids
Torria (age 25)
Antony (age 24)
Carissa (age 21)

My Sister Eva's Kids
Corinna (age 21)
Tyras Ezara (age I think he's almost 20)
Jocee (age 18)

Great Niece & Nephew
Harley (age 3)
Ziggy (just turned 1 in July)

I have several other family members still with me but none with as unique names that stick with anda forever you'll remember the rest but the names are what makes each and everyone of them memorable in there own way. ♥