I was hoping a Goofy Movie song would make it on the senarai somewhere.
I think it was fairer if I included 20 songs, since songs are short and there are so many of them. Though there are lebih than 20 songs because a couple of placements were tied.


20. Far Longer than Forever (The angsa, swan Princess)

19. Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty)

18. When anda Wish Upon A bintang (Pinocchio)

17. One Song (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

16. Bella Notte (Lady and the Tramp) - TIED

16. Be Our Guest (Beauty and the Beast) - TIED

15. One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)

14. One Jump Ahead Reprise (Aladdin)

13. Because I Cinta Her (The angsa, swan Princess) - TIED

13. I Just Can't Wait to be King (The Lion King) - TIED

12. Go The Distance - Hercules (Hercules)

11. Why Should I Worry (Oliver & Company)


10. Let Me Be Your Wings (Thumbelina) -TIED

''Anything that anda desire
Anything at all
(Anything at all)
Everyday I'll take anda higher
And I'll never let anda fall'' - Cornelius

10. Friends on the other side (The Princess and the Frog) - TIED

''Put your minds at ease
If anda relax it will enable me to do anything I please
I can read your future
I can change it 'round some, too
I'll look deep into your hati, tengah-tengah and soul
(you do have a soul, don't you, Lawrence?)
Make your wildest dreams come true!'' - Dr. Facilier

9. Be Prepared (The Lion King) - TIED

''I know it sounds sordid
But you'll be rewarded
When at last I am telah diberi my dues
And injustice deliciously squared
Be prepared!'' - Scar

9. Bells of Notre-Dame (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) - TIED

''Who is the monster and who is the man?
Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells
Bells, bells, bells, bells
Bells of Notre Dame'' - Clopin

8. Prince Ali (Aladdin)

''Are anda gonna Cinta this guy!
Prince Ali! Fabulous he!
Ali Ababwa
Genuflect, tunjuk some respect
Down on one knee!
Now, try your best to stay calm
Brush up your sunday salaam
Then come and meet his spectacular coterie'' - Genie

7. If I Never Knew anda (Pocahontas) - TIED

''In this world so full of fear, full of rage and lies
I can see the truth so clear, in your eyes, so dry your eyes
And I'm so grateful to you, I'd have lived my whole life through
Lost forever, if I never knew you.'' - John Smith

7. I Stand Alone (Quest of Camelot) - TIED

''Everything breathes and I know each breath
For me it means life
For others it's death
It's perfectly balanced
Perfectly planned
lebih than enough for this man'' - Garret

6. Ciuman the Girl (The Little Mermaid)

''There anda see her
Sitting there across the way
She don’t got a lot to say
But there’s something about her
And anda don’t know why
But you’re dying to try
anda wanna Ciuman the girl'' - Sebastian

5. Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid)

''The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake
anda dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What lebih is anda lookin' for?'' - Sebastian

4. A Whole New World (Aladdin)

''I can tunjuk anda the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
anda last let your hati, tengah-tengah decide?'' - Aladdin

3. Out There (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

''Hungry for the histories they tunjuk me
All my life I memorize their faces
Knowing them as they will never know me
All my life I wonder how it feels to pass a day
Not above them
But part of them'' - Quasimodo

2. Hellfire (The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

''Beata Maria
anda know I'm so much purer than
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd
Quia peccavi nimis (That I have sinned)
Then tell me, Maria
Why I see her dancing there
Why her smold'ring eyes still scorch my soul'' - Frollo

1. I'll Make a Man Out of anda (Mulan)

''(Be a man)
We must be pantas, swift as
the coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force
of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength
of a raging fire
Mysterious as the
dark side of the moon'' - Shang

1. I'll Make a Man Out of anda - Shang (117)
2. Hellfire - Frollo (89)
3. Out There - Quasimodo (64
4. A Whole New World - Aladdin (45)
5. Under The Sea - Sebastian 4(3)
6. Ciuman the Girl - Sebastian (37)
7. I Stand Alone - Garret (35)
7. If I Never Knew anda - John Smith (35)
8. Prince Ali - Genie (33)
9. Be Prepared - Scar (32)
9. Bells of Notre-Dame - Clopin (32)
10. Friends on The Other Side - Dr. Facilier (31)
10. Let Me Be Your Wings - Cornelius (31)


11. Why Should I Worry - Dodger (27)
12. Go The Distance - Hercules (25)
13. I Just Can't Wait to be King - Simba (24)
13. Because I Cinta Her - Derek (24) 
14. One Jump reprise - Aladdin (22)
15. One Jump - Aladdin (20)
16. Be Our Guest - Lumière (19)
16. Bella Notte - Tony (19)
17. One Song - The Prince (17)
18. When anda Wish Upon a bintang - Jiminy Cricket (16)
19. Once Upon a Dream - Phillip (15)
20. Far Longer than Forever - Derek (13)