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Crysta, Thumbelina, Odette, Anastasia, Kayley, Tzipporah, Annie, Chel, marina
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This Heroin filem animasi kanak-kanak foto might contain anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

anda know me, always making artikel-artikel about people of color and their representation in media, specifically animated media for children. So I decided to focus on indigenous representation and which characters are good and bad representation in fairly well-known movies. This isn't in any particular order either.

For this list, I chose heroines that have heritage from a country that is predominantly industrialized because of the conquest of a foreign culture. Mainly tribes where they no longer speak their original language and there race is no longer the majority even though they are the natives...
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Dedicated to UnholyNoise, who has patiently waited for some PoE MBTI posts for a long time!

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): Miriam is above all else, sympathetic to the plights of others. Her own situation looks very bleak and hopeless but she still feels for others. Moses hurt her, and she still forgives him and is willing to give him Cinta and encouragement. She is frank and outspoken in every situation ("Aaron, anda shame yourself", "Ask the man anda call Father!"). She wants to help others and rather than making decisions based on personal values as a Fi user would, makes them based on what...
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I thought with the many claims of lack of representation in children's films as a PoC I should take it upon myself to bring some underrated Filem of different cultures to light. Granted not all of these are necessarily children's films, but they are all animated and I personally think every kid should see them.

I have each ethnicity I could think of and animated Filem where that ethnicity is well-represented. I want to build on this so if anda don't see your ethnicity here please tell me, I want as many Filem as I can get with as many different walks-of-life! These depictions are supposed...
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