Just for shits and giggles.
Hello, Krismas peminat club fans! Coke here. And today/tonight I'm gonna tell anda my Krismas songs I like. anda know how much I like edm, house, dubstep, jungleterror, the like, right?

*someone nods*

Well, around after Thanksgiving, I have an ear for Krismas Muzik of any kind surprisingly. Maybe it's the holiday vibe? Let's cut the shit and get to it!

Major Lazer - Krismas Trees

I just found this lot too long lalu today. A good reggae song with holiday vibes. Good to hear a holiday song from Diplo's Mad Decent. I wish Spinnin could do the same.

Gianni Marino - Carol Of The Bells

I heard this in a mix a while back. He's telah diberi the Carol Of The Bells song a big room house spin. IF i do a mix and use it as my intro.

This Christmas

I sing to this a LOT! I like the Chris Brown and Donnie Hathaway versions. Nothing really special about the lyrics since both versions are the same.

Those are the 3 Krismas songs that are my favourite! I wish my local radio station started doing all-night Krismas Muzik again. :(

Like, comment, and tell me your favourite holiday bops. :)

Well, that's all. The Garnet Umbreon, over and out!

And merry Christmas!

Here goes the Eeveelution gang but where's Sylveon?