Krismas is Coming!
Hi guys, I would like to write some of my favourite Krismas Activities here as I am feeling the Krismas blue already!

1) Carolling

I absolutely Cinta to sing, despite that I'm a very shy person, I Cinta to do it for the charity and pleasure of cheering people up!

2) Shopping

I had always Cinta this, and 2 years lalu I bought a t-shirt from Esprit for my Piano teacher and for myself. I'm very blessed to have it as of today!

3) Church Krismas Services

To be honest, I have an annoying habit to wake up late lately to go to Church and I hope that I do not have to do it especially on Krismas day. Please pray for me! I Cinta to see all of my new friends.

4) Krismas Lights

I Cinta taking foto-foto with my Nikon DSLR Camera, and I would go down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to snap foto-foto of Krismas lights of I'm lucky enough!


Do anda believe in Christmas? Well, I do!
Oh Night Divine!!!
Shopping, who's with me?
O Holy Night!
Krismas in Malaysia