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Councilman posted on Dec 04, 2009 at 06:57AM
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My Only Christmas Wish

I can't remember last time I made a Christmas wish
I don't know what I wished for way back then, today it's only this
A scene from a fairy tale with soft crackling from a fire
And someone to share it with would fulfill this Christmas desire

I’d also like to see a winter sky filled with Aurora’s magic swirling lights
As the chill of winter creeps in and makes for very cozy nights
But once again I dream too much some things I know I'll never see
The truth is what I dream about may not be what I really need

I have a lot of quiet time I spend most all of it alone
What I'd like’s someone to share my dreams with, to make this house a home
But even that's too much to ask now time is running out
Dreams are what we're left with when our future time's in doubt

All I want is a little time to smile, something these days I almost never do
Some time to just be happy, God please make this Christmas wish come true

Copyright © 2009 By Dave Mitchell
 Please post only your own original work. The following is a Copyrighted poem and may not be used fo

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hampir setahun yang lalu Councilman said…
Just a short time till Christmas

Just a short time till Christmas and all through the nation
The economy’s reeling and there’s talk of inflation
With car sales the lowest they’ve ever been this year
The car company leaders cry alligator tears

We just need a hand out to get over the hump
I’m touched by their pleadings it gives me a lump
Just 25 billion’s what they’d like to get
And they flew to that meeting all in private jets

Everything cost more with the high price of gas
While all year the congress just sat on they’re ass
Obama’s the answer he’s our new messiah
Wait till they find out he’s just another liar

I’ve been looking for something for which to give thanks
As I watch the stock market crash in to the tank
There has to be someplace where I can find some enjoyment
Then I see the latest figures on unemployment

I pray things will get better that tomorrow won’t suck
That some how we’ll be saved by magic Obama bucks
When he’s sworn in to office we’ll all feel the change
Well I don’t believe it I think you’re all deranged

You can’t buy a house now there is no credit out there
And we spent 700 billion to fix it, and it’s gone but to where
But I’ll keep on hoping and praying as prices go out of site
That there is a real Santa, Who’ll come save us Christmas Eve night

Copyright ©2009 Dave Mitchell

And look here's Obama's Santa
last edited hampir setahun yang lalu
 Just a short time till Krismas Just a short time till Krismas and all through the nation The eco
hampir setahun yang lalu Councilman said…
Santa got his ass shot off in Compton

Santa got his ass shot off in Compton
While tending to his business Christmas Eve
A neighbor said he heard the confrontation
Someone yelling hey get off that roof and leave

Then he said there was some gun fire
Two or three shots he's not sure
And next as he looked out the window
He says he saw a little Sleigh and some reindeer

Right there on the ground laid Santa
Writhing back and forth in pain
Then he said Santa used a curse word
Are you "bleeping" nuts or completely insane

The neighbor called the paramedics,
Get here fast please hurry up
Some dumb fool has just shot Santa,
Got him right there in the Butt

Thank God his wound was not life threatening,
He was loaded up and hauled away
And after they remove the bullet,
He'll be back soon driving his old sleigh

We still don't know who was the shooter,
And there have been no arrests
We're happy Santa will recover,
Hell be back next year filling our requests

Until then you have to wonder,
Who'd drop a hammer on the jolly Elf
Let's all pray they find the shooter,
Or he feels bad and turns his gun on himself

Now I think we've all learned a lesson
If you wear a red suit and drive a sleigh
Do it anywhere you want to
Just don't do it in Compton south east of LA

Dave Mitchell
Copyright ©2009 Dave Mitchell
Next time Santa's going to be ready.
 Santa got his keldai shot off in Compton Santa got his keldai shot off in Compton While tending to his bu