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garyd posted on Dec 08, 2007 at 07:34PM
New to fanpop. Some of the movies have a download icon that don't seem to work. Can you download some of the movies & clips? And if so ,how.


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hampir setahun yang lalu harold said…
Nope, you can't download the clips in general. The way it works:
* people provide a link to a video
* if the site that hosts the video is one that has been set up to allow embedding on Fanpop, the video will show up as a video link with an embedded player. If it isn't one of those sites, the link will show up as a generic link (not embedded)
* if a video is embedded, it will have all the properties of the video player of the site in question. For instance, YouTube videos now have the "related videos" feature built into their embedded player, so when you hover your cursor over the player, you'll see a scrolling list of other videos you could watch.
* any download button that you might see is similarly provided by the source site, and not by Fanpop.