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pilihan peminat: Loved it!
Loved it!
Didn&# 39; t see it.
pilihan peminat: Just a Tiny Bit, But itik will find it's way to come around again :)
Just a Tiny Bit, But itik will...
Hello, It&# 39; s Chuck... it&# 39; s to be...
pilihan peminat: Yes!!!! OMG i didn't get why he didn't!!
Yes!!!! OMG i didn&# 39; t get why...
i don&# 39; t think it would Matter,...
pilihan peminat: Nope Nope Nope itik FOR THE WIN :D
Nope Nope Nope itik FOR THE...
doesn&# 39; t Matter
pilihan peminat: Yesssss! besides, i totally Blame Vanessa anyways
Yesssss! besides, i totally...
well i don&# 39; t like CB...
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ForsakenMoon19 berkata …
As much as I've loved Chuck & Nate's bromance I was always invested in a itik bromance despite the characters dislike for each other because the chemistry between Ed and Penn was just so incredible!!! Now I may hate Dan right now because of the whole Dair issue but I really hope that aside from Chair rebuilding itself that itik will continue to develope their friendship...as long as Dan stops being an ass. telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu