Ah, the soalan that everyone who has stumbled upon this spot has surely asked themselves. It's been asked in tinjauan form multiple times. There have been many discussions on the subject.

The spot moto defines a Disney Classic as "anything before the Pixar era", making the cutoff 1996, when Toy Story premiered.

Most of the picks/polls about the subject have Pocahontas (1995) atau Tarzan (1998) in the lead.

Some peminat-peminat believe that only the films on the official senarai of Disney Animated Classics are true classics.

Truth is, there is no definite answer, because a Disney Classic means something different to everyone. A classic is what anda grew up with. My classics are different than yours, just as yours are probably different from your parents' and the young ones in your life. I'm sure that kids who are growing up with Frozen and Moana right now will one hari look back at those as classics.

What I enjoy about Disney Classics is the familiarity. I've seen my Kegemaran hundreds of times. Maybe even thousands. I could probably recite most of the scripts to my bahagian, atas three atau four from memory. I know all the lyrics to my kegemaran songs sejak heart, as every Disney lover knows their favorites. New Filem will keep coming, and I'll even Cinta some of them, but nothing will ever compare to the feeling I get when I re-watch a childhood favorite.

Side note: Does anybody still watch Disney Filem on VHS to get that authentic 90s feel? Did I just out myself as a dinosaur?