Classic Disney Most Heartbreaking Disney Death Countdown; Suggestions Needed!

madisonsavanna posted on Jun 02, 2010 at 12:50AM
I'm going to do a countdown for the most heartbreaking death in Disney, but I need suggestions. I already have some, but I'm pretty sure there's more (Please just include Classic Disney! That's why I'm putting it in this spot :) Also don't count villains obviously)

Here are the ones I have so far;

The old hag poisons Snow White
Scar pushes Mufasa off the cliff
Beast dies
Aurora pricks her finger
Meg dies
Dr. Facilier kills Ray

Classic Disney 11 balas

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hampir setahun yang lalu KataraLover said…
Athena's(Ariel's death) death Esmeralda's death, Bambi's mother's death, Mufasa's death, and Ariel's death
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 Athena's(Ariel's death) death Esmeralda's death, Bambi's mother's death, Mufasa's death, and Ariel's
hampir setahun yang lalu Persephone713 said…
Ariel didnt die, she was clunked out. Mufasa(Lion King), Bambis Mom( Bambi), Queen Athena( TLM 3), Tiana's Dad(Princess and the Frog), Megara( Hercules), Kerchak(Tarzan), Ray(Princess and the Frog), Snow White(Snow White), Beast(Beauty and the Beast), Nemo's Mom Coral and his brothers ans sisters( Finding Nemo), Thats all I could think of for now.
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hampir setahun yang lalu AllegroGiocoso said…
Can you do near-Deaths?

If so...

Trusty's "Death"- Lady and the Tramp
Muttsy's Death- the dog who got taken out and killed- Lady and the Tramp
Death of Cinderella's Father- While not actually shown, Cinderella is seen crying (if it counts)
Oysters- Alice in Wonderland
Combat Carl- Toy Story (if Pixar counts, got exploded by Sid's Rocket)
Pinocchio's "Death"- Pinocchio nearly died, like Trusty and Snow White.
Quasimodo's Mother- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Lucky's "Death"- 101 Dalmatians
Gurgi's "Death"- The Black Cauldron
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hampir setahun yang lalu fhghu said…
Kida's father's death.
hampir setahun yang lalu firegirl1515 said…
Tarzan's Parents' death (Tarzan)
Kala and Kerchac's baby's death (Tarzan)
Kerchac's death (Tarzan)
Kida's father's death (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
Ellie's death (UP)

Almost Deaths
Megara's "Death" (Hercules)- Technically she does die, but Herc brings her back to life.
Tinker Bell's "Death" (Peter Pan 2)- She dies for like, a second when Jane doesn't believe in her, but then after Jane believes again and cries, she gets revived.

hampir setahun yang lalu BKG201 said…
Wall-e gets squashed by that thing and is dead for a while
Stitch dies in Lilo and stitch 2 (comes back to life).
Shang's father and army die (Mulan)
Aladdin died for a second when underwater.
Basil is thought to be dead after falling of the Big Ben
Tod's mum dies (Fox and the Hound)
Baloo dies for a second at the end.

hampir setahun yang lalu VGfan30 said…
Kocoum's Death (Pocahontas)
hampir setahun yang lalu Mongoose09 said…
Oh I was gonna say Meg's death but someone beat me to it haha
hampir setahun yang lalu percyandpotter said…
Shang's death. does this count? it was in a sequel, but it was sad. :(
hampir setahun yang lalu disneyworld007 said…
Tarzan's Parents Death
Quasimodo's Moms' Death
Tiana's Dads' Death
Atthena's Death
Mufasa's Death
and Bambi's Moms' Death
hampir setahun yang lalu betterthanlife said…
Cinderellas dad , ichobad,Tianas dad,quasimodos dad
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