Well its here!! Enjoy!

Mayanas POV:

When she was shown her room the first thing she did was fall face ke hadapan on her katil treying not to scream. This was not a good day.How was she supposed to gain their trust now,and why did she bother going back to the front lines anyway! Especially after what had happened..No she couldnt feel sorry for her self now. She decided to go to the control room but each dreadful step felt like her hati, tengah-tengah was made of lead.

Ahsokas POV:

The hari was getting stranger sejak the minute. Her thoughts kept drifting to that girl that fell from the ceiling. Thats when she walked in. She half heartedly berkata hi as she walked in. So..nice landing. Thanks berkata the girl and my name is Mayana sejak the way whats yours Im Ahsoka and do anda have any idea where Grievous starfighter is Hmm she thought about this suddenly she knew its in the outer rim! How she asked Because we learned that if someone is captured the captor will go as far away as he atau she can!Your right Ill let the other masters know,Thank anda padawan Tano she smiled and walked away.