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Mayanas POV:
Thjey were finally getting nearer to the planet Felucia.
She was getting tired of not wanting to talk to anyone. As they were descending they heard blaster bolts,someone was shooting at them! Anakin was piloting and trying hard not to get shot. He was constantly menunjukkan off how well he could fly. Mayana finally said'Boys and there toys.' Gaining Ahsokas permanent respect...and a glare from Anakin. A bolt hit the ship and it crashed to the ground, no one was hurt so they all got up waiting for the signal.

Anakins POV:
The ship wasnt looking bad it probably had a few minor repairs but other wise it was okay. Mayana looked like she knew what she was doing she kept scanning the area until she found a cliff with a metal structure on bahagian, atas there she berkata that looks like the separtists are camped out there. 'Thats great but how will we get up? He asked She sighed and pointed to the vines. 'Your crazy' he berkata Mayana smirked a little. Well it will have to do. They started to climb...

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