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Mayanas POV:

She was hoping for a nice,safe steady climb. Of course she didn't get that.. The others werent as experienced as her at this stuff....which led to a clone trooper falling,unfortunately he landed on a trap which killed him and set off a alarm.'Its too late' she said'They know were here.' Mayana tried her hardest to keep everyone stealthy in case any other alarms went off. They walked in cold silence,which Mayana didnt mind since she never really liked talking after that... 'What did anda do before anda started fighting on the front lines?' she heard Anakin ask. She stared at him long and hard talking about it brought back to many painful memeories.'I was a under cover jedi.' She berkata while walking ahead. At last they came bahagian, atas what they thought was a row of prison cells.Unfortunately they heard a cold metalic voice behind them.' Welcome jedi.' They looked back into the mocking form of general Grievous.

Anakins POV:

At once everyone was confused. Finally Mayana yelled at Obi wan and Ahsoka to find master Plo and run while the rest fought Grievous. Mayana was a skilled fighter even though she was a bit shy. Suddenly she yelled duck! He ndidnt know what she was saying, 'what' he asked she sighed and slammed him in to the ground saving him from the thrown light saber that almost killed him. She punched him lightly 'Next time focus!' she yelled while parrying a blow. ' Oh anda think your the leader now?' He yelled back. They were about to get into another shoutin match when they heard a gasp leaving Mayana with the clones, he ran to the others they founnd master Plo but they also found someone they didnt expect.....

CLIFFY!!!!!!!Whos the new prisoner and why are Anakin and Mayana opposites when it comes to leading will they stop fighting long enough to admit...well something? Stay tuned for the seterusnya chapter!