"Shh!" Odd berkata as he and Ulrich crept into Jacob's room.
"Odd, he'll kill anda if anda do something stupid!" Ulrich hissed.
"But he's the newbie!" Odd whined. "I always prank the newbies! I did with William!"
"Not the same. anda might…" Ulrich trailed off.
"I won't hurt him! Not on purpose," Odd added.
"Yeah, it's the accident part that I'm worried about," Ulrich growled as Odd crept over to the side of Jacob's bed, and bent over so that he was seterusnya to Jacob's ear and yelled, "GOOD MORNING, SLEEPYHEAD!!" Jacob yelped and jumped up, looking around wildly as Odd burst out laughing.
"That gets them every time!" he snickered as Jacob finally woke up enough to realize what had happened.
"Odd! anda are so gonna get it!" he screamed as Ulrich wisely got out of the way when a bantal was thrown at Odd's head. He caught it and smiled as he gently pushed Jacob back onto the bed.
"Oh, come on, can't anda take a joke?"
"Really? It's Saturday…"
"That's the point! You've been pranked, courtesy of Odd Della Robbia," he smirked as Jeremy and Aelita came over to see what the matter was.
"Hey guys…uh-oh, what happened, Jacob?" Jeremy asked as soon as he saw the state of affairs.
"Odd happened…" he growled.
"Odd, was pranking him really necessary?" Aelita smiled as she helped Jacob up.
"Of course!" he whined. "He's the new kid! anda guys know I always prank the newbies! I did with anda and with William!"
"True," Aelita replied. "But…"
"Oh, whatever…" Odd replied. "Now can we get some breakfast? I'm starving!" he added as everyone laughed and the gang headed to get some chow…

Down in the cafeteria, Odd was already shoveling in his Makanan sejak the time Jeremy and Jacob returned with their trays.
"So, Jacob, I've been working nonstop on the programs to try and rebuild the Skid, but I've run into a snag."
"Hmm?" Jacob asked. "What kind of snag?"
"Well…" he started to explain before Aelita cleared her throat and looked at Jeremy. "Basically, the programming's been corrupted and there's no way I can find to fix it at the moment."
"Do anda want me to take a look at it?" Jacob asked him.
"You can if anda want, but I don't think it'll do much good. The Skid's going to be on hold a while until I can find a way to repair the program I need to begin the rebuilding."
"And that means we have no way of getting through the Digital Sea…" Ulrich sighed.
"Exactly. I'll keep working on it though; there's got to be a way to fix it," he added as everyone suddenly noticed Odd staring off into space.
"Odd?" Jacob asked as he snapped his fingers in front of Odd's face.
"Huh—what?" he asked as the noise brought him back to his senses. "Oh, sorry, guys…"
"It's okay, Odd; anda looked deep in thought," Yumi smiled as Odd turned his head to watch a dark-skinned girl pass their table. "Is that—?"
"Uh-huh," Odd nodded as he watched her sit at another table. "That's what I was trying to figure out! It's Sam!" he grinned excitedly.
"Oh, so now you'll be utterly distracted again, huh, Odd?" Ulrich laughed.
"Wait, who's Sam?" William and Jacob berkata at the exact same time.
"Oh, Samantha was at Kadic on and off in the past," Aelita explained. "And someone with a purple streak in his hair has a HUGE crush on her!" she grinned as Odd punched her playfully in the shoulder.
"I do not!" he scowled as Sam heard his voice cut through the crowd and turned around.
"Odd, hey!" Sam smiled as she got up and walked over to their table.
"Oh, hei Sam, how's life rolling for ya?" he grinned.
"It's rolling," she replied. "I'm just in for the weekend while the big skateboarding championship is going on. How are anda guys?"
"We're doing well," Aelita replied before Odd could spit a word out. "And this is Jacob, sejak the way. He just moved here a few weeks ago."
"Pleasure," Sam smiled as she shook Jacob's hand warmly. "So, Odd, since I'm here, do anda want to go out for a while this afternoon?"
"Sure!" Odd replied enthusiastically as Jeremy scowled. "I'd Cinta to! We can catch up, for old time's sake."
"Maybe not so old," she laughed. "Well, I'll see anda guys later!" she berkata with a wave as she got up and walked out. No lebih had she gone than Jeremy was scowling at Odd.
"Odd! anda know we have a mission to attend to this afternoon! We need to go to Sector Five so I can get some data to hopefully repair the rendering software for the Skid!"
"Aw, but Jeremy…" Odd complained. "There's lebih than enough of us to go to Lyoko even without me! You'll survive for one afternoon!"
"Odd, we…"
"No, Einstein! anda can't stop me from going!" he berkata huffily as he got up, tossed his tray angrily into the trash can, and stormed out of the cafeteria to go and catch up with Sam.
"Wow," Jacob berkata softly.
"I know he likes her," Jeremy said, "but he needs to figure out what's important!"
"This is important to him, Jeremy," Ulrich berkata simply. "And we can manage fine."
"That's not the—oh, never mind," Jeremy sighed. "We don't have classes today, so we'd better get to the Factory if we want to be back before curfew tonight."

At the Factory, Jeremy quickly got the computers whirring as the others headed down to the Scanners.
"Okay, so remember, this is strictly an information gathering mission, so please, don't do anything reckless!" he stressed. "Are anda guys ready?"
"Roger, Einstein," William said. "Fire it up!"
"Alright," Jeremy smiled.

Transfer William, Transfer Jacob, Transfer Aelita.
Scanner William, Scanner Jacob, Scanner Aelita.

Transfer Ulrich, Transfer Yumi.
Scanner Ulrich, Scanner Yumi.

Moments later, the five Warriors appeared on Lyoko in the Arena, and once he had dropped safely to the ground, Jacob grinned and said, "Houston, we have achieved liftoff!"
"Houston reads anda loud and clear," Jeremy laughed. "Now, head through the maze and towards the Celestial Dome. You'll be able to get to the Interface there," he finished as they ran through the door when it opened and came out into the Core Zone, where they saw a bunch of floating platforms crossing to the other side.
"Uh, no maze, Einstein; all we've got is a bunch of floating blocks. Can we have some vehicles?" Ulrich asked. "It'd make life a lot easier flying over the pit than falling," he laughed.
"Coming right up," Jeremy smiled as the Overbike, Overwing, Overwheel, and Overdisc appeared after a moment. "Head to the seterusnya room. It's on your right," Jeremy directed as the five of them took off. As soon they arrived in the seterusnya room, they began to zoom forward, when suddenly; a laser blast sailed over Jacob's head. "You've got some Creepers on your tail!" he added.
"We'll shake them!" Jacob said. "Yumi, take Aelita on to the Interface. We'll handle these lugs!"
"You got it!" Yumi berkata as she raced off on the Overwing, leaving the three boys to land, ditch their vehicles, and deal with the Creepers.
"Well then, let's take out these slime balls!" Jacob grinned.
"With pleasure," Ulrich agreed as he sprinted towards the dinding and began to run up it, jumping off when he knew he would land on the platform with the Creeper, and quickly sliced it in half, causing it to explode instantly. Jacob then ran towards the saat one, and charged up an energy field while he nimbly dodged its lasers blasts, and when he was close enough to api, kebakaran without missing, released the orb and watched with satisfaction as the beast was enveloped in a purple casing of energy and subsequently exploded. William, however, decided he was going to dispatch his the old fashioned way, and ran towards it, flipping in mid-air to land on bahagian, atas of it and pummel it with fist-blows before taking its head off with his Zweihander. "There, that finishes that," he smirked. "Now, let's—unh!" he groaned as he was devirtualized sejak a shot to the head from a fourth Creeper that had appeared behind him. Jacob turned and saw this, and immediately fired a lightning bolt at it, watching as sparks traveled across its skin and it then burst into pieces.

"I've got to remember to check behind me!" William growled as he stepped out of the Scanner.

On the Ice Sector, all was quiet for the most part…until a Tower's bright white aura suddenly changed to red…

A shadowy spectre came out of the electrical socket in the boys washroom, and before one of the boys could react, it was entering him through his mouth and nose, and he growled evilly as he dug his nails into the boy seterusnya to him. Before long, half of the boys at Kadic Academy were under possession…

In the Celestial Dome, Aelita and Yumi were in the process of transferring a massive amount of data back to the Supercomputer when Jeremy was distracted sejak the beeping of the SuperScan. "Girls, I don't mean to interrupt, but XANA has just launched an attack. The Tower is in the Ice Sector."
"Okay, Jeremy, just a moment. I found one file that I think we need to look at," Aelita finished as she sent the last file to the Supercomputer and closed the Interface. Just as she had done so, Jacob and Ulrich ran up to sertai them.
"Sorry," Jacob panted. "The Creepers gave us a little lebih trouble than we expected."
"Where's William?" Yumi asked.
"He got taken out on the way here. What's this about a XANA attack, Jeremy?" Ulrich asked.
"XANA has just activated a Tower in the Ice Sector. I'll rematerialize your vehicles and open a tunnel so anda can get there as fast as possible." No lebih had he finished than the vehicles reappeared and the tunnel to the Ice Sector opened.
"Let's ride," Jacob berkata as the four of them zoomed into the tunnel.

Meanwhile…Odd and Sam were walking back to Kadic after having lunch in town.
"I really enjoyed today, Sam," Odd said, trying to hide a faint blush.
"I did too," Sam smiled. "I'm glad I came back to see you."
"What?" he asked in surprise. "But I thought anda had a skateboarding championship?!?"
"Nope," she grinned. "I came back to hang out with you. I convinced my parents to let me come here for a few days. I'm staying with my cousin."
"I…" Odd was stunned. He had never had a girl come back for him. And Sam had dumped him. Did this mean…?
"I…I'm sorry, Sam," he berkata as they reached the school gates and he hung his head a bit. "I don't think I want a major commitment with anyone right now," he berkata as he realized what was lebih important, helping keep the world safe. "It's not that I don't like you…" Because he did! A lot, actually. "But I don't know that I have the time right now," he sighed.
"It's okay, Odd," she berkata as she put a hand on his shoulder. "I get it. anda need to focus on other things. It's okay," she smiled as she turned around and ran into a dinding of Kadic students. "Uh, what's going on?" As soon as Odd saw this, he looked up and saw the Eye of XANA in all of the kids' pupils.
"Uh, not good things!" Odd berkata as he grabbed her hand. "We gotta get out of here!" he yelled as he dragged her along. The kids began to run after him, and one of the boys fired a lightning bolt from his hand that just clipped Sam's leg, and she yelped in pain.
"Did I just imagine that, atau did that kid shoot electricity from his hand?" she asked Odd.
"Uh, let's just say anda imagined it," he berkata as she stopped asking soalan and ran beside him.

Back on Lyoko, the four Warriors had made it safely to the edge of the Ice Sector, while William had joined Jeremy in the Lab, when suddenly, the computer rang, and Jeremy answered his phone quickly. "Odd? Where are you? I thought anda were on a tarikh with Sam?"
"Uh, yeah, about that, it's become a bit of a nightmare!" he replied. "We're being chased sejak a bunch of possessed students! I managed to lose them in the woods, but we can't get away from them for too long! They seem to keep finding us!"
"Okay, Odd. Hold out for as long as anda can. Hopefully sejak then Aelita will have deactivated the Tower."
"Will do, Einstein," Odd replied as he hung up and turned to Sam. "I'm sorry this turned out to be such a lousy day…" he muttered.
"No, it's okay," she replied. "I still got to hang out with a friend of mine. That counts for something," she replied as Odd turned away and smiled. "Ah!" she groaned as one of the kids grabbed her wrist and began pulling her away. "Odd, help me!"
"Sam!" Odd yelled as he ran after the kid and broke his grip on Sam's wrist. "Run! Get out of here!" he ordered her as he turned to face the XANA-fied students. "Why don't anda pick on me instead?" he asked as they charged him.

When the four Warriors got close enough to see the Tower, Aelita said, "Jeremy, we can see the Tower!"
"Roger. You've got company, though. Be careful," he warned as Jacob looked down to see three Tarantulas guarding the area around the Tower.
"Ulrich, anda and Yumi deal with the Tarantulas! Let me take Aelita!"
"Okay!" Yumi replied as she flew down close enough for Aelita to jump in the kerusi, tempat duduk seterusnya to Jacob. As soon as she had, he took off to try and loop around to the back of the Tower.
"Well, Princess, XANA just had to play difficult," he sighed as they looped around and saw a pair of Bloks as well. He descended to land on the path closest to the island that the Tower was on and smiled. "Last stop. Everyone off!" he cried as he and Aelita jumped off and he flung the Overwheel in the direction of one of the Bloks, destroying the Blok on contact. "One point for me!" he grinned.

"Hi-yahh!" Yumi cried as she flung her peminat-peminat at one of the Tarantulas. They just missed, and she had to go on the defense as it began to api, kebakaran a barrage of lasers at her, which she adeptly blocked with her fans. She wasn't quick enough to block every one, though, and took a shot to the chest.
"Yumi, anda just Lost twenty life points," Jeremy warned.
"Hi-yahh!" she yelled as she threw her peminat-peminat again, but the tarantula was smart enough to api, kebakaran a laser at one of them, deflecting it into the other and sending them both flying off target. It then let loose a barrage of lasers that Yumi barely avoided, but her acrobatics while she dodged had taken her too close to the edge, and she slipped backwards, beginning to fall over the edge.
"Yumi!" Ulrich gasped a she saw this, and quickly threw a sabre her direction, managing to hit her in the stomach and devirtualize her before she landed in the Digital Sea. 'Oh no, anda didn't!" Ulrich growled as the three Tarantulas ganged up and turned to face him. "Triplicate!" he yelled as he began to sprint around the three Tarantulas. "Triangulate!" He ran around the three beasts with his clones until they were thoroughly confused, and then swept in and destroyed them all with a couple of quick slices. "That's what anda get for messing with Yumi," he berkata defiantly.

On the other side of the Tower, Jacob and Aelita were trying to take out the last Blok, but it was giving them some trouble.
"Wings!" Aelita berkata as she waved her hand over her bracelet and took off. "Energy Field!" she cried as she fired an orb at the Blok, but it missed its target and fired a laser at her, deactivating her wings and causing her to take a hard fall to the ground.
"Energy Field!" Jacob yelled as he formed an orb, but before he could api, kebakaran it," the Blok turned to face him and fired a freeze ray at it. Jacob barely had time to react and raise his hand before the ray came into contact with the energy orb. It did not shatter though; instead, it absorbed the beam and changed to a light blue color, and Jacob then condensed it and fired it back at the Blok, but what blasted from his hand was not the orb itself, it was a ray of the blue energy, which froze the Blok solid on contact, incapacitating it!
"Nice trick, Jacob!" Aelita smiled as he walked over and helped her up. "Looks like lightning isn't the only thing anda can form with your Energy Fields," she smiled.
"Guess not!" he grinned as Ulrich raced around the circular path to where the two of them were standing and looked across the large gap to the little island where the Tower was standing.
"There's no path," Jacob observed.
"Well, jumping's out of the question, Aelita," he berkata grimly as he distanced the gap. "You'd never make it."
"And I can't fly over there because that stupid Blok hit me while I was in the air! How are we supposed to get to the Tower?!?" she asked in frustration.

Sam was watching from behind a pokok in the park as Odd continued to fight off the XANA-fied kids. He was doing all of this to protect her! She blushed a little at the thought. And he berkata he didn't like her…

Meanwhile, Odd was trying to beat away three of the kids, who were trying to shock him, with a pokok branch he had grabbed off the ground.
"Stay away, anda little heathens! anda don't want to see me get really mad!" Odd berkata as he swung the branch at one of them, who jumped out of the way and broke the limb before shooting Odd with a nasty shock that caused him to fall backwards. "I hate being the brunt of XANA's attacks…" he muttered as they shocked him again and caused him to bite his tongue to keep from crying out in pain. As Sam watched this, a tear dripped down her cheek as she stood there, hiding, and helpless to do anything.

"Wait!" Jacob berkata suddenly as Aelita gave him a strange look.
"Do anda have an idea, Jacob?" she asked him as he summoned a blue sphere of energy.
"I've got it!" he berkata as he fired the ice ray and began forming an ice bridge between the bulatan they stood on and the Tower. As he sealed it together, Aelita said, "That's brilliant!" and kissed him on the cheek. Had he been on Earth, Jacob would have been blushing brilliantly.
"Well, that takes care of that problem. Your Tower, Princess," Jacob berkata with a slight bow that made Ulrich chuckle as Aelita raced into the Tower. She reached the center and began floating up to the saat platform…

Odd looked up to see Sam watching everything from where she was hidden, and he tried to mouth "Run," to her, but couldn't when one of the boys tackled him and tried to put him in a headlock.
"Oh, no anda don't!" he berkata as he threw the kid off and looked around to see a bulatan of them around him and ready to shock him…

Aelita watched as the screens fell around her, and said, "Tower deactivated."

Odd watched as the specters began to wisp out of all of the students, and Sam ran over and hugged him.
"I'm so glad you're okay! I was so worried! And…you saved me," she whispered as he smiled.
"I guess I did, huh?" he berkata cheesily. "Hold on a sec," he berkata as he sent a text message to Jeremy.

Jeremy's phone beeped and he read, "Stopped attack here. Sam is safe. Bunch of students possessed and passed out in park. Return Trip, please?"
"Coming right up, Odd. Return to the Past, now!"

"Odd, you're my hero," Sam smiled as she leaned in and kissed him before a white bubble enveloped them and the Time Reversion undid all the damage…

"So, I saw Sam yesterday," Odd berkata to Ulrich as they crept out of their room.
"Oh, what'd she say?" Ulrich asked as they stopped outside of Jacob's dorm.
"She asked if I wanted to go out with her, but I told her unless she wanted to alih here, I didn't want to be attached to someone who was going to be in and out of my life. She berkata she understood, and that if she came back, she'd come and find me."
"Wow, Odd, give up the girl? I don't think that's ever happened before!" Ulrich smirked.
"Yeah, well, there's plenty of prospects left here," he grinned as he picked the lock on Jacob's door.
"That's our Odd," Ulrich laughed as they crept into Jacob's room.
"Shh!" Odd berkata as Ulrich realized, again, what was about to happen.
"Odd, he'll kill anda if anda do something stupid!" Ulrich hissed.
"But he's the newbie!" Odd whined. "I always prank the newbies! I did with William!"
"Not the same. anda might…" Ulrich trailed off.
"I won't hurt him! Not on purpose," Odd added.
"Yeah, it's the accident part that I'm worried about," Ulrich growled as Odd crept over to the side of Jacob's bed, but just as he placed his foot so he could bend down seterusnya to Jacob's ear, Ulrich heard a loud "SNAP!", and Odd yelped in pain as Jacob rolled over and laughed.
"Hey!" he yelped as Jeremy, William, and Aelita came to see what the commotion was. "These things are supposed to catch mice, not cats!" he complained as he tried to get the mousetrap off of his toes! When the rest of the gang saw this, they burst out laughing, and Ulrich patted Odd on the back as he fumbled with the trap.
"That's what anda get for messing with me, Odd," Jacob grinned as everyone started laughing again.
"Urgh!!!!!!!" Odd yelled. "You just wait, Jake! anda just wait!"