Wally's changing process (I did not draw this pic)
Everyone’s jobs were done. The decorations were up. The Makanan was laid out. The Muzik was picked. The party favors were hidden. Everything looked great. Except for one thing. The guests hadn’t arrived.
“Oh come on!” Kiki yelled. She stomped on the floor. She, Megan, and Kacey didn’t have dates. They were going as a group. Yet, Kiki was mad. No guests meant no ice cream.
“Hmm… maybe they’re late?” Megan asked.
“If they were late, SOME kids would’ve shown up.” Kacey said. She checked her watch. 20 minit later, every guest showed up.
“UM?” Abby asked.
“We stopped at that new restaurant.” Numbuh 362 said. Hoagie dashed out of the room. Everyone just partied. There was lots of dancing, eating, and hunting for party favors. Then, there was a slow dance. Kacey went over sejak the mini sandwiches that Numbuh 4 picked out. They were S-O G-double O-D GOOD! Wally rubbed the back of his neck.
“Care to dance?” He asked Kuki. Kuki nodded. Her blue dress was truly beautiful. Wally had put on a green tux. He had only worn it once. It was from a wedding last year. It still fit. So, as I was saying, Wally and Kuki went over to the dance floor. All the couples were dancing. Wally gulped. Then, he saw the full moon shine through the window. He pushed Kuki away and ran down the hall as he changed.
“Sorry, Kuki.” Wally said. He took one last look at her and then looked away. He darted down the pokok house.
“Wally, wait!” Kuki cried. She chased after him. Wally noticed the bulu on his hands grow. He reached behind him. His tail was there. His ears had altered. Wally quickly hid behind a wall. Kuki ran past it.
“Numbuh 4! Where are you? Numbuh 4?!” Kuki yelled. She ran right past him. Wally was sweating to death.
“…!” Wally thought to himself. Kuki heard the panting from Wally.
“Wally, why did anda run off like that?” She asked. Right as she swung around the corner, she gasped. Wally was covered in fur, and panting like a dog.
“Kuki, I can explain!” Wally said. Kuki had tears in her eyes.
“You- anda couldn’t trust me with this little secret?” Kuki asked.
“W- Well, I thought anda would go ballistic.” Wally said.
“Wally,” Kuki began. “You can find yourself another date.” She walked down the hall. Then, as soon as she knew Wally couldn’t see, she dashed down the hall crying. Wally sighed. He sat down.
“Why was this decided for me?” Wally asked. “WHY DOES GOD HATE ME?”
All of the sudden, lights from outside the window flashed on Wally. The SWAT team broke through the window and yelled orders. Three picked Wally up, and the KND teen-adult alarm went off. Kacey, Kiki, Megan, Abby, and everyone else filled the room. Wally struggled in the men’s grips. Kuki was in the back, crying her head off. The KND and SWAT team went into a huge argument. Numbuh 86 led a persuasive case, yet the general of the SWAT team had no penalty for child abuse. He smacked just about everyone. Except Kuki. She had hidden in the back of the truck. Soon, the men who held Wally threw him in the truck. Then, the general whipped Wally so he’d alih to the beck of the truck. Also the place where Kuki was hiding. Wally felt like crying.
“Everyone I care about was whipped back there.” Wally said. “All because of me.”
“I wasn’t.” Kuki said. Wally jumped back.
“Kuki!?” Wally yelled. “What are anda doing here?”
“I knew they’d throw anda back here, so I hid here.” Kuki said. “I’m sorry that I was so hard on you.”
“How’d the SWAT team find me?” Wally asked.
“Those teens that moved in a bulan lalu must’ve seen you, cuz I overheard them calling for the SWAT team about a dog-boy about 20 minit ago.” Kuki said. “10 minit after I saw anda as a were-wolf.” Kuki began to cry again.
“Kuki, I’m about to get smacked, whipped, poked, and stabbed. anda don’t wanna be there.” Wally said. Kuki threw her arms around Wally.
“I’d never let that happen.” Kuki said. She put her head in Wally’s neck. It seemed to fit perfectly. Wally leaned against the dinding of the truck, and tried to enjoy his last few minit of pure bliss.