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posted by CanUreadMyMind
Right! So how many CM are out there that just Cinta the Muzik that's played on Criminal Minds but anda have NO clue what the name of the song is let alone who the artist is??? Well, I know I'm one those fans!!!!! I die for the Muzik in every episode ^^!! So, I've looked high and low and guess what....I found a web-site listing not only the songs IN ORDER sejak EPISODE, but also, the song NAME, song ATIST, BUT also (honestly, there's an also here folks O_O) there's a SCENE description!! How awsome right?!?! So, here's the link and ENJOY!!!!!!


Hugs, Loves, Kisses, and cookies, biskut ^^
Spencer was finally getting some of the best sleep he's had in ages. No nightmares atau dreams. Although a good dream would've been good to have, he just needed to get some good old fashioned sleep for now. And the best thing about this kind of sleep is that there was NO ONE to paranoy him. The doc loved everyone close to him dearly, but like all people, he needed some space. angkasa was what he needed during this time. And now was the only time to get it since he was on the jet. Nobody would disturb him.

JJ looked at the doc and Derek. "They're both asleep." she said. Blake smiled. "The only down-sides...
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Gideon is seated in his office. JJ enters, hands him a file, and tells him they have identified the girl in the video as Rebecca Bryant. He tells her to leave it on the desk. He seems to be preoccupied.

In the bullpen, the team is still puzzling about the cipher. As they study a large sheet of paper on the dinding with the cipher written on it, they realize they will need the exact book, the correct volume, and the right publication tarikh to decipher the unsub's message. Reid thinks he knows the poem from the Muzik box, not because he had read it, in which case he would have instantly known because...
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posted by girly_girl
Garcia: You've reached Penelope Garcia in the FBI's office of Supreme Genius.
Morgan: hei it's Morgan. I need anda to work some magic here. I've got a program called Deadbolt Defence and a girl with only a couple hours to live so what do anda know?
Garcia: You've got a problem. Deadbolt's the number one kata laluan crack-resistant software out there. You're gonna have to get inside this guy's head to get the password.
Morgan: I thought I was calling the office of Supreme Genius.
Garcia: Well gorgeous, you've been re-routed to the office of Too Frickin' Bad.

Garcia: Okay, anda know how on bintang Trek...
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 Reid is such a lady's man! Well not really, but we all Cinta him!
Reid is such a lady's man! Well not really, but we all love him!
So after I made all of those picks about the most liked Criminal Minds character, I thought I should do a countdown here! Just for fun!

10: Elle Greenaway
Now to me it wasn't really a surprise that Elle was your least favourite character. Although she was a big part of the BAU in season one, after the season one finale, she went off the rails. Big time! But I suppose she had a good excuse, being shot sejak an unsub must have been really tramatic! But still she was your number ten!

9: Kevin Lynch
Although Kevin might not be a full member of the BAU, he still was your number nine! Whether its his...
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posted by girly_girl
Elle: Chemical accelerant could mean chemistry student.
Reid: It could also mean chemistry professor.
Elle: I say student. anda need self-confidence to lecture in front of a classroom full of 30 college kids. Arsonists are socially incompetent. This guy doesn’t go on dates, doesn’t go to parties, doesn’t feel comfortable in front of groups. [Reid looks at Elle] And of course he’s a total psychopath.
Reid: Of course.

Elle: Well, what is the most sinful place on campus?
Morgan: Come on Elle, when I was in college it was everywhere.

Mrs. Walker: Are anda single?
Elle: Yes.
Mrs. Walker: I...
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posted by Celina79
Fanfic written sejak mcgarrygirl78 on
A funny and short one, yes H/P, but also the Team. ;)
Enjoy! :D

I will see your ten, and…” Emily looked at her cards. “Raise anda 20.”

“Well its getting hot now, folks.” Derek fanned himself, laughed, and drank his beer.

Hotch looked at his cards, Emily, and his cards again. Reid leaned close to whisper.

“I don’t think she is bluffing Hotch.”

The Unit Chief would not be swayed. She had the best poker face he had ever seen but he would follow his gut. This was definitely his game…Emily...
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Criminal Minds: Great Nielsen rating for the week ending May 10, 2009. Criminal Minds stays in the bahagian, atas ten! Great job Criminal Minds!

1. "American Idol" (Wed), Fox, 23.57 million viewers.
2. "American Idol" (Tues), Fox, 23.41 million viewers.
3. "Dancing with the Stars," ABC, 20.28 million viewers.
4. "NCIS," CBS, 16.72 million viewers.
5. "The Mentalist," CBS, 16.68 million viewers.
6. "Grey's Anatomy," ABC, 15.55 million viewers.
7. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CBS, 14.91 million viewers.
8. "Dancing with the Stars Results," ABC, 14.56 million viewers.
9. "Two and a Half Men," CBS, 14.17 million viewers.
10. "Criminal Minds," CBS, 14.13 million viewers.
On the way back to the BAU, Hotch and Derek were discussing their plan to intervene with Strauss about her drinking problem. They had to be quiet though, because she was only about 4 feet away from them. "We need to make sure the rest of the team doesn't find out." Hotch stated very clearly. Derek nodded. "We also need to make sure the director doesn't find out. If that happens, all 3 of us will get fired in a heartbeat." Derek replied. Hotch glanced over at Strauss, who was looking over a case of files. "I agree." Hotch said.

He had a look of remorse. "What is it Hotch?" Derek asked. "Derek,...
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posted by mhs1025
As Spencer and Maeve finished dancing, he felt a new pride swim over him. "You're a brilliant dancer." Maeve berkata in a British accent. Spencer smiled as he stiffled a laugh. "Why, thank you, my dear." Spencer thanked also using a British accent. The couple shared a laugh. "Whenever I enter your mind again, just think of this." Maeve advised. "I will." Spencer berkata as if he had no other choice.

Maeve put a hand on his arm. "I'm glad I met you." she said. "I am too." Spencer replied back speechless. "The grieving process takes a while to get over, Spencer. Grieve for as long as possible." Maeve...
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After getting utama from the bureau, Derek decided to take his dog, Clooney, out for a Halloween stroll. What made him want to do that? For some reason, Mrs.Morgan had sent Clooney a Halloween costume. "I saw this in the party store and I knew Clooney would look adorable in this!" berkata a note that came with the costume. Derek felt tickled sejak this quirky idea and decided to give it a shot. The costume was a Harry Potter one for dogs! Derek took his time suiting up Clooney for the event.

"There anda go, Clooney." he encouraged. Clooney was getting on up there, but he still felt good. Derek soon...
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posted by mhs1025
Hotch and Beth were on yet another romantic date. The night was perfect. The stars were out, the moon shined on Beth's hair, and the breeze was just right. "It's such a nice night!" Beth remarked happily. "Yeah, it is." Hotch replied. He also had a hint of nervousness in his voice. Just a hint.

"You sound nervous." Beth berkata with a coy smile. "Oh, it's just the breeze." Hotch lied. "It IS kind of cool out." Beth agreed. The night was a tad bit chilly, but it was perfect. The couple walked in silence again before resting at a pavilion. "I can't believe we've been dating for a year-and-a-half!"...
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posted by mhs1025
Later that night, Spencer dreaded going to sleep. He didn't want to risk having another nightmare like the one he had of his dad earlier that afternoon. Before going to katil though, he prayed he'd have a good dream instead of a bad one. Fatigue was slowly taking over the doc's body and he tried not to succumb to it. Unfortunately, it did and Spencer ended up falling asleep. It wasn't long before he started having a dream. atau was it a nightmare?

Spencer was in the "dream world" once again. This time, the "world" was very different. No one was in there with Spencer. Instead, there was this wall...
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posted by girly_girl
Prentiss: All of these killings… the work of just one man?
Gideon: Most prolific serial killer ever.
Prentiss: These wind chimes are made of bone. I think it's human rib bones.
Prentiss: [watching morgan dance between two women] Hey, Morgan, be careful. The one in the back could steal your wallet!
Morgan: That's all right; I'll be a broke, happy man!
Hotchner: [construction work in the background] What's that?
JJ: [with mouth full] One of the detectives' wives made us cookies.
Emily: Wow, homemade cookies!?
JJ: Yeah I guess that's what they mean sejak 'southern hospitality'.
Reid: What are you...
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posted by girly_girl
On the show, suspects are routinely referred to as "unsubs", atau unknown subjects.

Matthew Gray Gubler was once photographed sejak famed photographer Mia Grace who had a small part in the series' pilot episode.

CBS aired an episode after Super Bowl XLI (2007) (TV) in the hopes of transforming the series from a relatively modest hit into a bahagian, atas ratings performer. The episode featured cameos sejak Super Bowl announcers Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.

The character of Special Agent Reid was a child prodigy, having graduated from high school at the age of 12. Matthew Gray Gubler, describing what may form his character's...
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The BAU Team on Criminal Minds functions like a family. Each of the characters take on a different role, and the lebih anda look at the tunjuk through these eyes, the lebih anda see it hold true episode after episode. Their relationships with one another prove that they have created a makeshift family structure of their team.

Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi function as the parents. Rossi is the father figure – the old timer whom his children and ‘spouse’ respect for his wisdom and experience. There is a clear separation between him and the rest of the family, but he has a close relationship...
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 Elizabeth Higgins Clark
Elizabeth Higgins Clark
Actress and Columnist Elizabeth Higgins Clark isn't afraid to take on things that scare her. As an actress, Elizabeth has a budding career in Hollywood; most recently grabbing attention for her role on the CBS hit crime-drama “Criminal Minds.” She’s also appeared on the CW’s “Ringer” starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and on ABC’s “All My Children” and “General Hospital.”

As a columnist for the well-respected news website The Huffington Post, she’s been bravely sharing her thoughts on issues near and dear to her, including her Grandmothers, Ann Coulter’s use of the word...
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posted by girly_girl
Some information on one of the most popular female FBI profiler!

Name: Emily Prentiss
Gender: Female
Job: BAU Special Agent
Specilty: FBI Profiler
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Paget Brewster
First appearence: The last word

In her first appearance, she recognizes Hotch from one of his first commands: security clearances for her father, a US diplomat. Her arrival surprises both Hotch and Gideon, as neither of them had signed off on the transfer. Prentiss insists her parents have not pulled strings for her. Ultimately, she joins the team at the end of episode 209 ("The Last Word") on a probationary...
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After Derek had finished vomiting in the bathroom, he didn't feel too well. He came out of there holding his stomach. "Are anda sure you're OK?" Hotch asked with a high level of concern in his voice. "I'm fine. Just an upset stomach." Derek answered. *I guess the splashed water on my face didn't help.* he thought as he walked out of the Chicago Jail Station. Derek was so over-whelmed with confronting his old abuser Carl Buford, the bad emotions literally made him throw up because of it! He had splashed the water on his face to keep himself from crying. "I think I know the perfect song to cheer...
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Actor JEFF NEWBURG Takes ‘Genius’ to a Whole New Level on “CRIMINAL MINDS”

Guest Starring in the Mid-Season Return on January 18, 2012

Los Angeles, CA – Actor JEFF NEWBURG goes head-to-head in a game of wits when he stars in an all-new episode of the hit CBS crime-drama CRIMINAL MINDS, scheduled to air on January 18, 2012.

CRIMINAL MINDS follows an elite group of Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) profilers, as they analyze the nation's most dangerous criminals in an effort to anticipate their seterusnya moves before they strike again. In the mid-season return episode titled “True Genius,”...
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