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I know xellga already uploaded this foto before but this one is in HQ!
Criminal Minds
season 4
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This Criminal Minds foto contains saman perniagaan and sut perniagaan. There might also be berpakaian seorang, guaman, seluar guaman, pantsuit, orang baik berpakaian sut, penekan seluar, guaman, saman pakaian, sut, sut pakaian, saman tiga keping, and tiga bahagian guaman.

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Elle: Chemical accelerant could mean chemistry student.
Reid: It could also mean chemistry professor.
Elle: I say student. anda need self-confidence to lecture in front of a classroom full of 30 college kids. Arsonists are socially incompetent. This guy doesn’t go on dates, doesn’t go to parties, doesn’t feel comfortable in front of groups. [Reid looks at Elle] And of course he’s a total psychopath.
Reid: Of course.

Elle: Well, what is the most sinful place on campus?
Morgan: Come on Elle, when I was in college it was everywhere.

Mrs. Walker: Are anda single?
Elle: Yes.
Mrs. Walker: I...
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Some information on the beautiful FBI Liaison!

Name: Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Gender: Female
Job: Communications Director
Specialty: Media/Police liaison
Status: Alive
Portrayed By: A.J. Cook
First Appearance: Compulsion

Jennifer Jareau is a special agent that often acts as a liaison with police and media officials.

JJ once went on a tarikh to a Washington Redskins game with Reid, but little has come of it romantically. JJ graduated from East Allegheny High School near Pittsburgh, PA, where she was the captain of the varsity Bola sepak team her senior tahun and earned...
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Fanfic written sejak mcgarrygirl78 on
A funny and short one, yes H/P, but also the Team. ;)
Enjoy! :D

I will see your ten, and…” Emily looked at her cards. “Raise anda 20.”

“Well its getting hot now, folks.” Derek fanned himself, laughed, and drank his beer.

Hotch looked at his cards, Emily, and his cards again. Reid leaned close to whisper.

“I don’t think she is bluffing Hotch.”

The Unit Chief would not be swayed. She had the best poker face he had ever seen but he would follow his gut. This was definitely his game…Emily...
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