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"Hello, this is Dr. Hayes." Spencer's sleep therapist berkata over the phone. "Uh, hi, this is Spencer Reid. I've been relapsing on my nightmares recently. How do I handle it?" Spencer replied. "Have they been current?" Dr. Hayes asked. "Yeah." Spencer answered. "When did anda start relapsing?" Dr. Hayes asked. "Just before this case." Spencer answered. "Where are anda right now?" Dr. Hayes asked wondering if Spencer had a case.

"I'm in Sacramento." Spencer answered. "Until anda come back to Quantico, I suggest anda keep a diary of your nightmares." Dr. Hayes suggested. "Should I add the nightmares...
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Early the seterusnya morning, Spencer and Derek were awakened sejak the Blake Shelton smash "Boys 'Round Here" as the alarm went off. "GOD, REID!" Derek yelled sleepily as the loud volume irritated his current headache. Spencer hit the snooze button. "I didn't realize the volume was that loud." he replied in a shaky tone. "Maybe anda should've told me." Derek argued sarcastically. Spencer rolled his eyes and headed towards the bathroom. He didn't have time to argue.

Over at the police station, the team kept describing what the unsub had also done. "What do anda have, Garcia?" Blake asked as she spoke into...
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Spencer thought long and hard about what Derek suggested. He was skeptical, but he also wanted to keep it an option. *Going on meds for nightmares?* he questioned. If the rest of the BAU had found out about Spencer's nightmares and relapse, Blake would tell him to consider it just as a suggestion, while Hotch and Rossi would think that Derek was insane. Spencer thought back and forth on what he should do. He didn't want to jump straight to conclusions on Derek's offer. Not yet, anyway.

Spencer was sitting on his katil thinking when he heard Derek blow his nose for about the 6th time. "I think...
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Hotch looked over the Bola sepak stuff Rossi handed him. "This is pretty cool." he berkata to himself. He liked the idea of how he could get his new Bola sepak team together. And lebih importantly, spend time with Jack. Seaver went over and sat sejak him. "I thought your were Membaca Harry Potter." Hotch joked. "I had to stop for alittle bit." Seaver replied.

She noticed Hotch looking at his Bola sepak stuff. "What are anda looking at?" she asked. "Just some stuff for Jack's Bola sepak team." Hotch answered. "I heard they asked anda to be their coach." Seaver stated. "They have." Hotch replied. "Congrats!" Seaver beamed...
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I'm a huge Criminal Minds fan, and I recently discovered this set of viewer's guides. Although they only go through Season 6 as of now, they're incredibly helpful and they make watching the tunjuk even better.

One of the best part of Criminal Minds is the way episodes often bleed into other episodes, but this can also be confusing if you've missed an episode here atau there. That's when these guides come in handy.

Even if you're an avid peminat who never misses an episode, these guides provide tons of great information, summaries, and little known facts that make for a better Criminal Minds viewing experience!

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