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The “Teen Wolf” cast seems so cool! What’s it like on set?

It’s really collaborative and supportive. We have a lot of fun. Everybody’s laughing and joking. There are moments when we have to be really serious—a lot of moments actually—but it’s great because all the actors are really giving and we make sure we’re there for each other. Plus, everyone is super talented!

There are a bunch of super cute guys on the show. Is it like a boy’s club on set?

It is, definitely! The girls were definitely on the outside because there are so many guys on the show, but we have a lot of...
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posted by Stelenavamp
The new series is lebih action focused, how was it, with all the hanging about in freezing water and other things like that?

Daniel: Oh God, iced water for hours.
Crystal: Well the ice was silicone, I got in as well!
Daniel: You got off lightly though! I did much lebih of it!
Crystal: I was soaked, drenching in the woods!
Daniel: I was outside in a factory soaked too!

I’m in the wrong job, I’d Cinta to do all this!

Daniel: It is great, but at 4 in the morning you’re like uuurgh.

4 in the morning though, you’re in a cranky mood, and I’d imagine Serigala Jadian are pretty cranky generally, doesn’t...
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