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Caroline Forbes has always been one of my kegemaran characters in TVD. I just Cinta how she brings light to a tunjuk that’s overrun with drama and tragedy at every turn with her bubbly and upfront nature. I also admire her strength. Not just physically (she can be pretty badass when she wants to be). After becoming a vampire, she has displayed such depth that people hadn’t really expected from her when she was still human. With all these traits, she had completely won me over.

However, I am now at a point where I am conflicted. In the past two episodes, Caroline has made it clear where her allegiance...
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I just need to say it once. anda just need to hear it. I Cinta Delena and the peminat-peminat here. I firmly believe that DE peminat-peminat are the smartest, most articulate, thoughtful, perceptive, compassionate, and all round awesome of the entire TVD fandom. But something has been troubling me of late, particularly in the aftermath of 3x01. It seems that as long as we get reams of DE-infused promos, webclips, episode stills and tantalising interviews, then everyone is profoundly confident and positive about the outcome of the triangle. But when the tide turns, and there's even a sniff of SE atau trouble in the air,...
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The reason Damon and Elena share that understanding between is because of the fact that their decisions are motivated sejak Cinta and it is not about whether it is wrong atau right, all social rules go out the door. One of the reasons why I ship Damon and Elena is because they both re-awaken each other. Elena re-awakens Damon’s humanity and Damon re-awakens the girl who died the moment her parents died. Damon and Elena both take each other out of their safety zone. They are real with each other. I believe that even though we see Elena is this sweet and a compassionate girl, I think that we have...
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This one's really short compared to the others, and not so good. Just bare with me till the seterusnya chapter. ;)

Damon’s POV
I walked into the bar somewhere in the middle of no where. It wasn’t busy, basically what I suspected to be the ‘regulars’. I’d been driving all hari and this was my first stop. I went up to the bar.
“A beer, please, sir,” I berkata to the old man with a white beard. His cold, dark, blue eyes took me in for a few saat and then nodded.
“Can anda tell me where I am?” I asked as he handed me the ice cold drink.
“My, you’ve made it all the way to the mountains...
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Damon arrives at Elena's room to check on her.
It has been a tahun since her break-up with Stefan and Damon is worried that Elena has been depressed. Although she puts on a Brave face, she prtends she is fine, Damon can see her suffering.

He can't stand to see her in this state. Damon sits on Elena's bed. He can hear the pancuran, pancuran mandian going from the other room and so He lays on the katil to rest a moment. While he awaits Elena's return he difts off to sleep. Elena turns off the water and gets out. Elena dries off and slips on her PJ's. She has been crying in the pancuran, pancuran mandian because this is a place where no...
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