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We all want Delena to stay together, and it would be lame to repeat the story the other way around and let S5 go like S4 only in the other direction; and it can’t work anyway because Stelena have no passion and chemistry and couldn’t be used as a resisting couple. That would have no real variation and is also very unlikely because Elena now has a complete knowledge of how things are and tested being with Stefan in every possible way without it working out. There have been hints and signs for DE, parallels and similarities for them, their build up and journey throughout the whole story,...
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Imagine for a minit that 3x22 had ended with Elena choosing Damon. Think of how euphoric anda would feel. Then picture this: right after the phone-call she makes to Stefan, in which she tells him that as much as she loves him, she has to give a relationship with Damon a shot, there is a flashback which re-writes everything about SE/DE anda thought anda knew, thus making Stelena lebih likely to be endgame. How would anda feel then? Would anda still be happy that Elena had chosen Damon, atau would anda wonder what exactly anda had won?
I don't see how anybody who considers herself a true Stelena shipper...
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Okay I was really thinking and eyeing the Nian and Pina (Nina and Paul) EW picture. @Laynaa asked if anyone thinks there's a reason that Nian is White and Pina is Black.
I looked it over and did some searchings and thinking on the subject.


White projects PURITY, innocence, virginity, cleanliness, and neutrality. Doctors don white coats, brides traditionally wear white gowns and a white picket fence surrounds a selamat, peti deposit keselamatan and HAPPY home.

So I think for DE it means: that their relationship is pure. True relationship is absolutely free from self interest. It is always dedicated with no expectation...
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