Damon & Elena What kind of relationship do anda want them to have?

Pick one:
What they have now - love/hate, forbidden, lots of sexual tension!
A real, serious relationship - they should be officially boyfriend/girlfriend.
Not officially in a relationship but passionate, lustful... and dangerous.
I'm not sure yet,but anything that actually means something.Not playing around.
Added by spikes_girl
proper adult partnership / no boyfriend girlfriend calling. thats not Damon at al
Added by lizzie_jo5
I think that it&# 39; s a love/ hate one
I think that it's a love/hate one
Added by bellamay
The kind were anda first hit each other because you're angry, and then Ciuman passio
Added by HaleyDewit
I want both Cinta and lust.
Added by dgpuri
I think it depends on how they grow as people. All I know is, I want them togethe
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