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Veronica dragged Jeremy downstairs and threw him on the cold floor of a basement. Jeremy screamed and held his leg. As he tried to pull the Arrow out, Veronica started pacing up and down.
“You lied to me” she muttered agitated, with a feral look in her eyes. “I asked anda straightforward if anda were a medium and anda lied to me in my face” She walked to Jeremy and looked down on him. “How long has your aunt been spying on me? What does she know?” Jeremy didn’t answer and thus she kicked his wounded leg. Veronica raised her voice above Jeremy’s cries. “How long?” she repeated...
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Tyler woke up with a burning pain on his chest. Someone was caressing his exposed chest with a vervain flower.
“Good evening, Tyler” a woman said. It wasn’t Veronica. She had a paper bag with her, probably full of vervain and wolfsbane. Her hand disappeared in the bag, but she withdrew her hand she was holding up a sandwich. Tyler raised his eyebrows, something that didn’t go unnoticed. “What? A girl’s got to eat, right? And I don’t know how long I’ll be in here, because that totally depends on you”
“Why? If you’re going to kill me, why not just do it?” Tyler snapped...
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Matt tried to get the front door open, but failed, while Bonnie tried to call someone. When after her sixth attempt no one had picked up, she had to fight the urge to throw her cell into the wall. She turned to Keith. “Can anda try the phone, please?” she asked a little irritated. Keith was just sitting there, being useless. Keith stood slowly and walked to the phone. He picked up the horn, but heard nothing. “The phone’s dead” he noted, sounding not very surprised. He walked back to Bonnie. Matt had gone upstairs to see if he could open one of the windows.
“Maybe we should stay...
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Damon was sitting in the cafeteria of the hospital. He was still angry with Elena. Though angry wasn’t exactly the right word. Defeated was lebih like it. It felt like the universe was doing everything to keep them apart. Well, Damon meant what he’d said. If Elena died, so would he. He wasn’t going to spend another century and a half alone and hated. Sure, there would be other women begging for his attention, but none of them would be Elena Gilbert.
“Damon?” he heard a weak voice say from behind him. He looked over his shoulder. Elena was standing in the doorway, a blanket over her...
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Evening fell and Stefan walked out of the hospital. There was no one outside, at first sight. Stefan headed to the parking lot when he heard a whoosh and turned around. No one was there. He turned around again and faced Rachel.
“Rachel, hi, I was wondering when I’d see anda again” he berkata calm.
“I’m sorry, Stefan, but I have to do this” Rachel plead apologetic.
“Do what? Stefan asked suspicious. Then he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Three of Veronica’s minions had snuck op him. Stefan turned around and grabbed the vervain stabber sejak his throat. Stefan snarled and the minions...
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Matt, Keith, Bonnie, Jeremy and Veronica were sitting around the dapur table. Veronica had telah diberi each a cup of coffee, in order to stay awake.
“Thank you” Jeremy berkata uncomfortable. “You don’t really know Elena. It’s not like anda owe her anything”
Veronica cast him a grin that didn’t reach her eyes. “Anything for my soldiers” she replied charming.
“How’s that going?” Matt asked, trying to keep a conversation. “Do anda need anyone else in your…army?”
“Why? Interested?” Veronica returned, raising her eyebrows. “For now the training’s canceled” She turned...
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Though visiting jam was long over, it didn’t stop Stefan from sneaking into Elena’s bedroom. Elena had fallen asleep shortly after Bonnie had left. Stefan had expected Damon to be in the room, but Elena happened to be alone.
Stefan walked to the katil and sank down on it. Elena, sensing his stare, opened her eyes and frowned.
“Stefan?” she asked sleepy.
“It’s okay. Go back to sleep” Stefan hushed, regretting he woke her.
“No” Elena moaned and she sat up difficult. “I’m up” She cast him a faint, tired smile. “I’m glad anda came”
“I had to come and see you, but I didn’t...
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Jeremy entered the building and walked straight to the training room. He found Veronica, talking with someone on the phone.
“Jack, you’re going to be so proud of me” she berkata with a slightly trembling voice. “I promise that when anda get here there will only be humans left”
Jack berkata something in return.
“Of course I’m careful. I’m not going to fall for anyone. They took away the only person I ever cared about and they will pay for it. And anyone who’s trying to stop me, will go down with them…I have to hang. I will see anda real soon”
She hung up, turned around and gasped,...
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Damon walked through the aisles of the hospital when he bumped into someone.
“Aaah, hot coffee” Bonnie groaned. She had two paper cups of coffee in her hand, only now there was not much left of it.
“What are anda doing here?”
“I wanted to see how Elena’s doing. Caroline berkata she wasn’t feeling very well and then Jeremy told me anda brought her here” Bonnie explained a little out of breath. “I thought she might like some coffee, but actually I’m not sure she’s allowed to drink it. Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore”
“No, I mean, what are anda doing here?”...
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Rachel had made up her mind. Stefan was right. It was not right to turn her back on her family. Veronica wasn’t family. Kelsey and Amber were. And they were supernatural, as was she. Taking Veronica’s side would be like denying her nature and it would be an insult to her children. Gabe had made her a prisoner, had forced her to become this. She wouldn’t let anyone tell her her species had no right to live, that there was no place for them under the sun.
“I’ll do it” she berkata determined. Then, thinking about Veronica if she found out about her betrayal, she felt less confident. “She...
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