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Damon Salvatore || Fun Moments

Remember Damon

"You're not dying todayt!" Damon and Stefan Scene

~ A werewolf bites ~

Damon And Elena - True Cinta

The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena

Wetpaint Exclusive! Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Spotted at CW Upfronts!

Damon&Elena - Bleeding Cinta

Damon Salvatore Kevin Rudolf Welcome to the World

Monster - Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)

Damon & Stefan Salvatore || Apologize

● Damon Salvatore || Tick Tock [PARODY] ♡

if today was anda last day; damon salvatore

Damon Salvatore | You're dead, dude. Get over it.

Damon Salvatore | Dropped

Damon Salvatore-Only One

there's nothing so sweet and so true as sweet as anda ;)

damon salvatore || already over

Damon (& Elena) - What If We Met In Another Place & Time?

damon & elena | last dance

Do The Cupid Shuffle DAMON!!♡

Damon & Elena "night time"

born this way {au salvatore family | vidlet}

damon & klaus; sweet D. R. E. A. M. S.

Hit The Road Jack || Damon Salvatore ♡

Damon Salvatore || Fly Away, Nightingale, Fly Away!

● Rockstar || Damon Salvatore ♡

you're not like the others; futuristic lover.

Damon Salvatore can do ANYTHING he WANT!

Damon Salvatore || You're in Deep (2x22)

Damon ~As I Lay Dying~

Damon Salvatore- Collab Part {Losing Your Memory}

Damon Salvatore 'Won't anda Help Me... Be on My Way'

Night After Night (Damon/Elena - 2x21)

•• damon salvatore - - i'm going to die[i'm ready] [2x22]

DAMON , // ? Look at me now

Damon Salvatore ; its over now guess it really is my time ' (2x22)

Damon Salvatore;:Drop It!

Ian Somerhalder [aka Damon Salvatore]

Sweat // Damon Salvatore ;D (collab part)

◐ Daϻon cσnfєѕѕισnѕ ◐ {Final season}

I Need A Doctor || Damon Salvatore

2x22 || I Deserve to Die

damon salvatore ♦ shattered

Broken | Damon and Elena | 2x22

damon + elena | "I wouldn't have met you" 2x22

Damon Salvatore can do ANYTHING he WANT! (PREVIEW)

♥ Damon & Elena: I like anda now, just the way anda are ♥ [2x22]

Cinta me when it makes no sense; at all..

ALIVE; to torture for my sins..

Damon Salvatore - It's never too late


Damon Salvatore Fallen

ϟ So amazing (Damon Salvatore)

Damon Salvatore || SEX BOMB

Vampire Diaries - behind blue eyes (Damon Salvatore)

Damon Salvatore - Best scenes.

♡ Everybody Loves Me ♡ Damon Salvatore♥

Collide | Damon Salvatore

004.DAMON&his girls

Damon Salvatore | Backseat (PREVIEW)

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore// Patron Saint

Damon Salvatore // Quel Matto sono Io.

Damon Salvatore - Me Against The World.

Damon Salvatore ||| Judas.

Damon Salvatore; ''Dashing? Gorgeous? Irresistible?''

Damon Salvatore - Monster

Damon Salvatore - I just wanna be free.avi

[2x22] Damon Salvatore | Oh Death [preview]

The Vampire Diaries - As I Lay Dying Clip

Damon and Elena // I will follow anda into the dark

bahagian, atas 5 Reasons Why The Vampire Diaries Writers Will NEVER Kill Off Damon Salvatore

just a feeling | damon + elena

werewolf bite | damon + elena

i got anda | damon + elena

as i take my last breath..

airport disco | DEK

Jack Sparrow&Damon Salvatore || This Is Why I'm Hot

Damon Salvatore '' The Sun Also Rises '' (Halo)

As I Lay Dying (2x21 & 2x22) - Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore - Raise your glass

Damon Salvatore // Ian Somerhalder - All of the lights (Kanye West)

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Damon Salvatore (spoilers 2x21)

Damon Salvatore || Drop it on the Floor

Damon Salvatore • Drop It To The Floo

Damon Salvatore | Sweet Talk

AU; what if damon dies?


Damon & Katherine - Uh! my baby

Damon's death and his letter to Elena [2x22] spoilers

Dynamite || Damon Salvatore MV

Damon Salvatore// Take all the courage anda have left...

{2X21 Spoiler} Death of Jenna & Damon's grief

damon salvatore- invincible

Damon/Delena - Im the hero of the story dont need to be saved

Damon Salvatore | Just Say Yes [Damon/Elena]

[PREVIEW] Have anda Ever...? - A Damon Salvatore special Tribute

Damon & Elena - Hot Mess

Damon/Elena it's too late to apologize