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Damon & Elena ...Only one

damon salvatore ; everybody loves me

Run To anda (Katherine/Damon/Elena)

damon salvatore - thief of hearts

damon and elena - dream of Cinta

November Rain - Damon and Elena peminat video

Damon and Elena - All That I Am

Damon & Elena - Cinta Song Requiem

damon/elena - anda found me

Stefan, Damon, Elena: The Turning Point Clip 10

Damon Salvatore // This is why im hot

Damon Salvatore; Behind Blue Eyes

The Vampire Diaries - Cinta history (Damon & Elena)

Damon and Elena - All anda Wanted - The Vampire Diaries

Damon & Elena - Broken Wings

Damon & Elena - Freeze

Damon+Elena || anda belong with me.

Damon & Elena ♦ tamat tempoh tarikh for Cinta ♦ AU

Damon Salvator- I Am Bad! Funny Scenes

Damon and Elena - Life After you.

Elena and Damon

Damon & Elena ~ Dance With The Devil

Damon/Elena ; Perfect little secret

Damon Salvatore -We are fever

Damon Salvatore • hei baby (drop it to the floor)

Damon/Elena: 2X11 Scene

Damon/Elena/Stefan That's what anda get

Selena&Taylor&Damon "she looks beautiful"

AU -Damon, Elena, and Katherine- It just takes a second....

Damon&Miley - Impossible

damon&elena; relentless (the vampire diaries)

The Vampire Diaries - Damon and Elena

Shattered - Damon & Elena

Damon & Elena ; { Everything }

katherine Damon Elena fully alive acoustic

Elena & Damon why not me

Under The Sheets || Collab with kellygirl2002

Damon/Elena - Without anda

Remastered: Damon & Elena: The Beauty and the Tragedy

Damon/Elena - What's My Name

Damon & Elena

Remastered: Damon & Elena: Away in Silence (Vampire Diaries)

Damon and Elena

Elena and Damon a little bit stronger

*****Damon & Elena ***** season 2

only girl delena

Damon Salvatore EP 2x08

Damon Salvatore EP 2x08VOSE

Bella Stefan Damon ♥♥♥ Crawl

Damon Salvatore Fighter .♥

» Damon Salvatore // RUDE BOY.

Drop it to the floor | Damon Salvatore

· istana, castle Walls · D.Salvatore

damon&elena | in my veins

» damon elena | Heartless

:: Beauty and the Beast :: Damon & Elena

Damon Salvatore || In the City

Damon/Elena || Only One

Damon/Elena ; Wicked Game

Damon's a hero! [PREVIEW]

Damon Elena sejak Your Side

Damon/Elena - Like only a woman can

Damon Salvatore & Dean Winchester - Busted

When you're caught in a lie {Damon&Elena}

Damon & Elena; I'm so into you. [The Vampire Diaries]

I KNOW[Damon+Elena(Katherine)]

Damon/Elena:: Your In My Veins [ Collab Part ]

elena gilbert + damon salvatore | i'm no Jesus

Katherine/Stefan/Damon-I've got everything*****

damon/elena ; perfect

Damon and Elena - Coz I luv anda

» Damon+Elena||Shiver.

Without anda - Damon/Elena

Catch me - Damon/Elena

Breathe Me - Damon Salvatore/Blair Waldorf

The Vampire Diaries || Damon & Elena || You're The One

Damon♥Elena || Grenade

Damon and Elena - 2 Steps Away

Elena and Damon - Tears Of An Angel

•D/E/K B l i n d•(OVC)

delena, don't deserve anda (i was wrong)- contest entry vid.

Damon & Elena // Fill Me With Your Poison

\\~Futuristic Lover~// Damon & Elena

Brooke & Damon

Damon/Elena All i want is YOU!!!

•Damon♡Elena;Screaming Blur

Damon ♥ Elena

Delena - anda Lost me

Damon Salvatore - I wanted it to be real

Katherine/Damon//Don't Trust Me

Damon/Elena ; Heaven [The Vampire Diaries]

Damon and Katherine - Just a Dream

Damon and Katherine--Cannibal

_good to anda ♡ katherine/damon

Recess [Katherine & Damon]

katherine & Damon , " Battles keep me satisfy."

Damon/Katherine - Stay

Stefan & Katherine|| Damon & Elena|| Get in line;;

Katherine, Damon, Elena Please don´t chatch me.

Damon/ Katherine/ Stefan ♡ according to him