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Katherine & Damon -[Go back to sleep]

Katherine ♥ Stefan ♥ Damon || Something Bout Cinta

Katherine & Damon || Final jam

Damon & Katherine - Tell me how it should be

Katherine & Damon- Cinta Song Requiem ...

Damon & Katherine | Missing

Damon/Katherine - How could anda be so heartless

Damon would catch a grenade for Katherine

Damon and Elena - Like only a woman can

"Calls me home..." || Damon/Elena

Damon and Elena-I would catch a grenade for anda

○ Can't Fight This Now | Damon & Elena ;

Damon and Elena

into dust (Damon/Elena)

Damon+Elena ; Time

Damon and Elena || Denial

Damon & Elena - A battle between hate & Cinta ♥

Damon & Elena - Devil Dance

Damon/Elena - I'll be waiting

Damon and Elena - It is What it Is

Damon & Elena [Meteor Shower]

Just One lebih Moment :Damon and Elena:

[Damon/Elena] - Lavina

Damon & Elena - Can I Have This Dance?

Damon & Elena || I'll Protect Her ||

Damon/Elena - It's getting awfully hot in here

storm. || damon/elena

damon & elena ● mend your h e a r t

Damon & Elena ● Ghost In The Machine

[ No Mercy ] Damon/Elena

Damon+Elena || let in the light, turn me to dust

"you're not easy to love." | Damon & Elena

elena/damon ; peaches

Damon & Elena - Waiting On A Cue

Damon & Elena - Addicted to anda

damon and elena... into your arms

Damon & Elena [- Delena -] - Forever

Damon & Elena GRENADE

Damon & Elena | Always be my baby

blair waldorf + damon salvatore | there are twenty years to go

Damon Salvatore ~ I can do ! ANYTHING !

_firework ♡ stefan/damon

Damon Salvatore - Iris

Damon & Stefan { I'm not alive if I'm lonely, Brother }

i was wrong | damon + elena

TVD preview.

damon ; i won't justify the way i live my life

Carol of the Bells [Merry Krismas Delena Fans!!!]

In The City || Damon Salvatore *Preview

Damon Salvatore | I'm Too Sexy

TVD - Damon Salvatore - Requiem for a tower

damon.salvatore // dirtyDANCER

The Golden Boy

Damon Salvatore - Poison

Damon/Elena - Blinding

Damon Salvatore- I Am Not A Whore

Damon Salvatore. Sexy As Hell

damon salvatore☻pump it

Damon Salvatore - Creep

Damon Salvatore: Don't let go

♥ Damon Salvatore - Drop it

:: MONSTER :: Damon Salvatore [The Vampire Diaries]

Damon Salvatore - Freaky like me

Damon Salvatore Sexy Monster

Sexy Damon Salvatore - Sexy jalang, perempuan jalang

Damon Salvatore {ian somerhalder}

Damon & Katherine;; "you should've known sejak now..."

Damon/Elena ; I'd come for anda

Damon & Elena ; Need

Damon & Elena |If anda Cinta me..

DAMON + ELENA ► "Want anda To Know Who I Am"

Delena [2x10] || Cinta the way anda lie

Ian Somerhalder - Interview TVGuide.com 2010

- let me hypnotize u - [Damon Salvatore]

Damon Salvatore Is Sweeter Then Heaven, and Hotter Then Hell

Damon Salvatore _SUPER SEXY!!!!musica- white stripes

Damon Salvatore // Chuck bass // Derek Venturi ; "Dude."

Damon Salvatore - TVD

damon salvatore Ciuman the girl

Damon Salvatore - Take me utama tonight (by Hinder)


Damon||Gives anda Hell

TVD I Damon&Stefan (What Have anda Done Now)

We R Who We R | Damon and Stefan || Vampire Diaries

{THE VAMPIRE DIARIES} Damon&Elena, In my veins

Damon & Elena - I miss anda

Damon / Elena [You finally Lost me]

why don't anda like me | damon (+ elena)

Damon & Stefan | Boys boys boys

Damon & Caroline | who owns my hati, tengah-tengah

Damon/Elena scars of all i'll ever know

I Was Enchanted To Meet anda ~ Damon//Elena

Damon Salvatore ::Only Human::

The Salvatore Brothers - I'm Dynamite [Damon and Stefan]

Salvatore brothers_WelcomeToTheWorld

x Salvatore Brothers

Damon Salvatore || Boy Like anda

Hot Mess - Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore

This is why i'm hot-- DAMON SALVATORE ;)