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Damon Salvatore & Katherine Pierce, Vampire Diaries - Bring me to life

Damon Salvatore || Haunted

Damon/Elena - Time of our lifes [RE-upload]

Damon/Elena - "I think I might have inhaled you"

(2x01) Damon/Katherine (feat Elena) - Falling apart [RE-upload]

Damon Salvatore (Marchin On)

I Don't Want to Live Without You: Damon/Elena

Damon/Rose ; Breathe Me [The Vampire Diaries]

Damon//Katherine ::THE KILL::

• • Damon Salvatore ♦ Like a •G6• ♦

Damon Salvatore || Tonight i'm fu**ing loving anda

Cinta is evil, spell it backwards, i'll tunjuk ya

Damon & Elena // TVD ♦Undisclosed Desires♦

I think I´ll change my way - Damon/Elena

Damon & Elena || No Way Out

Damon Salvatore x I can be a freak ♥.

The Vampire Diaries - 2.12 - "The Descent" CW Extended Promo

happy birthday Ian Somerhalder ♥

Ian.Joseph.Somerhalder//HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

U R A Fever || Ian somerhalder (Happy B-day)

Ian Somerhalder's B-Day 2010

Ian Somerhalder is a FEVER. [HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!!!]

Damon Salvatore | If anda Wanna See Me Naked...?

I've become so numb. • Damon Salvatore.

The Vampire Diaries ;; Damon Salvatore

Squander | Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore ♦ Shattered

always wanted, but never was ;; [damon salvatore]

behind blue eyes || damon salvatore

damon & caroline || battlefield

Damon/ Elena



Elena and Damon in the dapur 1x13

Damon and jeremy- 1x13

Damon Salvatore- 1x13

Damon Salvatore

Damon- Funny Scenes 2

I'll catch a grenade for you-Damon♥Elena

Damon//Elena ● Ashes & Wine

Damon & Elena - "A part of me wishes that I could forget"

Damon Salvatore [ Heartless ]

delena; i don´t want to be saved [2x10 the sacrifice]

| There is Cinta to be found | D & E |

damon/elena || you're in my veins [2x10]

Damon&Elena // Grenade

only one (damon/elena)

Damon&Elena - When the World is Burning

in your eyes (damon/elena)

Damon and Elena ... I will never let anda fall ... [2x10]

Damon & Elena Cinta the WAY anda LIE (Part 2) TVD

"I´ll protect her.♥" [Damon+Elena] ♦ (I´ll be your hero...)

Damon/Elena ; Protect Her [2x10]

Damon & Elena || She is the words that I cant find

Elena/Damon;; in my arms

seterusnya to anda (damon/elena)

You're all I want. - Damon/Elena

Damon & Katherine "Sweet Disposition"

Damon & Katherine "Set the Fire"

Let It Die - Katherine/Damon

EW Sexy Beast Poll: Edward Cullen vs. Damon Salvatore

damon/brook; breathe me

Damon & Elena. It Is What It Is

Damon & Elena story

Damon & Elena - My memories keep anda near...

Damon & Elena - Because of anda

Damon & Elena | Far Away

The Vampire Diaries - The Sacrifice End Scene (Season 2 , Episode 10)

The Vampire Diaries||Damon Salvatore-Feedback

Damon Salvatore-The way I are

Damon Salvatore- Sexy Monster

Damon/Elena -Amen Omen

♥ Damon & Elena | anda must be blind...

Damon/Elena-You can't break a broken hati, tengah-tengah


Damon/Elena I promise [2x10]

Damon & Elena (Space Bound)

Damon & Elena ● I Need to Know

(2x01) Damon Salvatore [ft. Katherine & Elena] - How To Save A Life

anda Make me Smile | Damon & Elena

The Vampire Diaries Promo 2x11 - sejak The Light Of The Moon

damon salvatore {URA FEVER}

● ● You'll aways be my hero || Damon & Elena

Damon&Elena | Mistake to anda

Damon & Elena // Delena // Already over

young.love.murder {damon&caroline}

Damon & Elena - The Vision (A Journey to Love)

anda haven't Lost me yet [Delena]

There's Something Wrong with Damon || TVD

The Vampire Diaries Webclip 2x10 - The Sacrifice

Damon Salvatore || Take It Out, Remove It

Damon and his women♥ [BadRomance♥]

Damon&Elena || Heartbeat

Caroline&Damon | Break anda

Damon/Stefan - No Cinta

salvatore brothers | "he's scared of walking in the dark..." [preview]

Damon & Caroline [Vampire Diaries] | Howl

Damon Salvatore - Everybody Loves Me - I Like Being The Eternal Stud

Damon Salvatore | Break your hati, tengah-tengah

holding onto what i haven't got ; damon(/elena)