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Damon & Elena ~ True Warna

Damon and Elena- Gravity of Cinta

Damon & Elena - Waiting

Damon x Elena - Dance With The Devil

Elena and Damon - Blood On My Hands

Running Up That bukit (Damon & Elena)

Brooke and Damon (NTP Crossover Collab)


It seemed like the right thing to do (Nate/Caroline + Damon)

Until We Bleed {Vampire Diaries FanFic Promo} [PREVIEW]

Damon Salvatore - anda look so fine that I really wanna make anda mine

Damon/Elena/Stefan; "There's no life after you..

When it's real anda can't walk away Damon & Elena

damon and elena ;;;; Hate that I Cinta anda

Vampire Diaries - Elena&Damon - Was It A Dream

damon vs. elena | here comes the moon again

anda decided I was worth saving_TVD

The Vampire Diaries Damon&Elena

Everybody Loves Damon

Damon and Elena "You Look At Me Its Like anda Hit Me With Lightining"

Dean - Damon - Eric II Cinta Hurts

stefan/damon; breathe your life into me - i still need anda

Damon and Elena ... I want it too much

Damon/Alaric-Strange&Beautiful MEP

damon and elena//i surrender

Damon & Elena & Katherine

All anda Did Was Save My Life - Damon & Elena

Damon & Elena - All the Right Moves

Elena and Damon *Vampire Diaries*

Damon & Elena - Everytime We Touch

Damon\Elena-You belong with me

Damon and Elena-Sound of Missing anda

Damon and Elena: Meteor pancuran, pancuran mandian

Damon & Elena-Forever & Almost Always

Damon & Elena || Pearl harbour part 1

::Unapologize:: Brooke/Damon

Irvine // Damon and Elena

Damon Salvatore Don't Trust me

Breathe Me - Damon Salvatore

Damon-bitch I'm the bomb

Damon und Selena: Supermassive Blackhole

damon ~ harry ~ chuck // nothing & everything

Damon's perfect lie

"Some Things Could Matter Again." Vampire Diaries.

Like Tick, Tick // Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore Funny Petikan Part 1

damon salvatore fool the world

DAMON SALVATORE (good boy) (bad boy) PARTE 2

Damon and Elena

Damon is the hand of sorrow

Damon/Elena - Yours Now

Damon & Elena "Maybe we're Friends, Maybe we're more"

Damon x Elena - Airplanes

stardust (damon/elena)

Damon & Elena - Need

swallowed in the sea | Damon&Elena

Make Me Wanna Die: Damon&Elena

When anda Find Me [Damon;Elena]

Damon Salvatore || Boom Boom

Step Away (Damon / Caroline) One Scene Contest

I see your face...Damon

Damon Salvatore ♥ Rude Boy

Damon/Caroline - Before I go insane

Damon Salvatore// Bad

Damon Salvatore - Everybody Loves Me

Damon - Finding His Elena

Damon & Elena - Monster


Damon & Elena-Count On Me

damon and elena//help im alive

Elena / Damon / Katherine - my Cinta (vidlet)

Damon & Elena - Founders hari

Damon & Elena: You´re my heroine

damon & elena // i wouldnt mind

Damon & Elena-Count On Me

Elena and Damon - Chasing Pavements

Make Me Wanna Die // Damon & Elena

damon/elena - starry eyed

[Damon and Elena] Hero/Heroine

Damon & Elena - Open your eyes

Thunder - Damon and Elena

Damon/Elena : What Hurts The Most

Damon and Elena | Storm

Damon & Elena;; your Cinta is a song

Elena/Damon - With Me

damon;elena. near death Cinta

Damon|Elena; Someday

Damon/Elena-Moments in Cinta

Where The Story Ends // Damon;Brooke

Damon and Stefan- Welcome To The World

The Salvatore brothers; Radar


Damon and Stefan - all about us

Olivia & Damon - Beautiful Lie

The Vampire Diaries: Damon/ Vicki - Hotel Room

Oh My Damon ! ~Ice cream~

He's my brother Stefan/Damon One sentence contest

Ian/Damon ; Eternal Stud [fortiff&julie]

Damon/Caroline | Alejandro

Damon - Here Without anda