As major peminat-peminat of the hit series 'Dance Moms,' we want to know what's going on with our kegemaran stars at any moment. We got to chat with young bintang Chloe Lukasiak about her dance career, what she has in store for the future, and her holiday plans!

Fanlala: What's the first memory anda have of dancing?

Chloe Lukasiak: My first recital - we were bunnies, and I was really little. I just remember hopping around the stage as a bunny.

F: Do anda watch a lot of dance Filem atau video with dancing in them?

CL: I do watch some dance movies. We watch dancers and dance groups and competitions. I learn cool moves and like to watch other dancers.

F: Are there any songs right now that you'd really like to do a routine to? Which routine has been your kegemaran so far?

CL: ''As Long As anda Cinta Me'' sejak Justin Bieber is the ones song I want to dance to. We went to his concert. The girls and I from 'Dance Moms' went. It was so cool. My kegemaran dance for solo is Dream on a Star and Silence. And my kegemaran group number is The Last Text and another one we have coming soon. I really can't wait for anda guys to see it!

F: What kind of impact has dancing had on your family?

CL: All of my family members support me. We have always been a close family. My dad supports me all the time, like really big. H always calls me up and asks ''How did anda do Chloe?'' atau ''Break a leg.'' He always gives great pep talks.

F: if anda could dance with any celebrity out there, who would anda pick?

CL: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, atau Taylor Swift.

F: What kind of career would anda want to do with dancing? Teacher? Actress?

CL: I would really like to be on Broadway atau a Rockette. That's been my dream for a long time.

F: Do anda have any plans for the holidays?

CL: We're going to my grandma's for Thanksgiving, and we'll be going there for Christmas, too. We're really close with our family, and we Cinta visiting them whenever we can.

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