i know many of the SPN peminat-peminat hate lisa and ben,and happy that they are not on the tunjuk any lebih but even thought i liked dean with jo better i stil loved him with lisa & ben he finally was happy and had his dream of having a family come true,any ways please just bare with me and read this and please tell what anda think

ok go back and watch episode 3x02 the episode where they interdused ben and lisa. they first they shows is how lisa reacted to dean poping up at her door out of the blew,she didn;t expect him at all and she tried to hide the fact that she was thronwing a party for her son all dean came in.

when dean went to talk to ben they were both standing the same,checked out the gilr & woman they past sejak than ate the cake at the same time,ben statred to komen on girls the way dean did(in any tepicle movie atau series it's CLASSIC singns that they are father & son atau mother & daughter....and so on) just watch gilmore girls and look how rory and her mother have the same things in commen(the way they talk so much and Cinta coffe).

when dean asked lisa if ben was his son she respond too quicklly like she traind her self (example: is my son? no) it's like she almost answered him as he barley finished his qeustion and nobody jawapan that fast unless they are lying

when was sad about his game at the park and dean told him how to kick their butt ben did so naturally like he has doen it before,but according to lisa since when does he hit anybody much less for a game,and the fact that she was really mad at maybe too mad is becuase she's mad that that father of her son was abbsent all these years and just come for hari and alardey he's indermiding her in a way.

lisa berkata that she was wild and she hooked up with guys and stuff yet some how she doesn't remeber the name of the guy she "had" ben with but she remebers dean's name,that's weired at least for me it is,and sejak the end of the episode she asked dean to saty is it me atau that was a bite odd i mean she didn't try to work things out with ben's dad but she was asking a guy that she knew 8 years lalu to stay if he wanted ok i get he saved her son's life but still i don't ask a guy anda barely know to saty espically when anda just found ou that he kills deamons for living that his is dengourse and he can bring it home,it's normal to ask a guy anda barley know 8 years lalu he kills Supernatural things for a living to stay.

the saat time that lisa appered is when dean was goiing to give himself to michael,he looked like that he had the weight of the world was on his shoulders and scared and yet she asked him to stay for a drink,i'm sorry but if guy that a barley knew came to me liked that i would try be concered as possible but will ask him to leave because what ever trouble he's in is something that i don't want to be in the middel of,then dean arrived at lisa place stong out his mind he looked like he just came from war(which he kinda did) and she welomed utama with open arms.

a tahun pat sejak and she had to deal with dean drinking and bad mood from time to time,if i were her i would through him out to protect my son,but i will putt up with guy if his my son's father for his sake becuase i want him to have his real father in his life,and last but not the least in 6x14 ben berkata "you relaize your walking out on YOUR FAMILY right?" need to say more.

i mean come the facts are infornt of you:
1.dean & lisa hooked up 8 years lalu (in s3,ben was 8 years old at that time)
2.dean & ben walk,talk,eat the same way.
3.dean & ben have the same teast in music.
4.they wear the same.
5.ben cares about dean like it's owen his father,dean cares about like it's his owen son
6.lisa keeped welcoming dean to her & her son's life every time.

please tell me what anda think