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Which death note did the task force have?

So as far as I am aware, there are/was 4 death notes in the human world. Lights (which was telah diberi back to the shimigani), misa's (which was jealous's) Rem's (after he died) and riuk's.

During the series the task force gets one of the notebooks (lights) and then Rem kills 1 leaving his personal one in human world. So is that two in the tasks forces possession?

Later on, lights death note is traded for his sister and mello has it but it is then returned to the Chocolate eating shimigani. Then further on in the series Near asks to use the death note to kill Mello to see if the 13 hari rule is a fake so my main soalan is, who's death note was he asking to use? Did the task force still have one (Rem's) in their possession and if not why was riuk still with the task force and if not, where was Rem's death note at this point?
 Evilmonkey666 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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mikku said:
I hope this could be some help to answer your questions. I know it's so complicated...

1. originally Light's Death Note, returned to Shidoh, the Chocolate eating Shinigami. This is no longer in the human world.

2. originally Misa's Death Note, Mikami's possession, human owner is Mikami, Shinigami owner is Ryuk.

3. originally Rem's Death Note, task force's possession, human owner is Light, Shinigami owner is Ryuk.

4. Ryuk's Death Note is always Ryuk's. Each Shinigami has to have one Death Note.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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