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There's been a lot of Debat in this spot on the general idea of progressive "softies" who need "safe spaces" to avoid being "triggered."

The talk of these kinds of people generally devolves into hyperbolized stereotypes of wimpy college students using it as an excuse not to do their homework, for example. Acronyms like "SJWs" get thrown around, and people express their frustration about feeling like they're walking on egg shells, atau censored, atau having to cater to other people's over-sensitivity in order to avoid being accused of an "ism" of some sort atau another. People feel like they're being...
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Clip from Gary: Tank Commander where Gary tells us his opinion on animal testing. This is a scene from a comedy and is not meant to be taken seriously.
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In Debat clash is when the two arguments that the opposing sides have telah diberi have to do with each other. For example if anda wanted to legalize cocaine and I make the argument that legalizing cocaine would lead to increased crimes and anda responded to me sejak saying that it would actually decrease crimes then we have clash, and the thing about clash it allows us to both present try to present better evidence. The thing about evidence is that it is based on facts so one side is going to have better facts and we can all acknowledge there facts and change our minds. But if anda berkata that legalizing...
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I ask this because the word seems to be confusing people.

To me, marriage is the public declaration and legal recognition of Cinta between two people. When I get married it is so I can commit to my spouse and give myself over to him (?) wholeheartedly. It will be when we are seen sejak the state as, essentially, one person, with the same assets. It will be when we are seen but the state as family. It will be when I want to celebrate my undying Cinta for the person I have fallen head over heals for.

It will not be a religious event.

Although, if I was religious, it definitely would be. I'm sure I would...
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I know that I am going to get a lot of flack for this. And let me just slap on a large PG-13 warning here for those who find this to be a touchy subject. But I feel like I needed to get this off my chest.

There are a lot of topics in this Debat spot that I come up "pro-sex" on (for lack of a better term). For example, I am pro legalization of prostitution, I do not believe a consensual one night stand is morally reprehensible if both parties know the score, and I recommend that one masturbates as often as one possibly can.

Now, there are health and safety reasons why I support legalization of...
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We have a lot of problems in our world. Some issues are things that would be prevalent no matter what. But I firmly believe that the main cause of the majority of problems in our world is human closed mindedness. Think of how many issues we could avoid if we could just open our minds to other ideas, and think how much lebih advanced we could be. Here are a few examples of issues that could be avoided if we could open our minds to other ideas.

There are many people who hate a group of people just because their skin is a different colour than their own. But really, if anda think about it,...
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