Hey! :D. Sorry if this isn't good. First time. I always wanted Damon and Elena together, so i'm Penulisan this for the Delena fans!. Enjoy (:

Elena walks up the stairs to Damons bedroom. Hearing nothing, which was weird for her. She creaks open the door, Damon is sitting on his bed,sad from Rose being dead. "What do anda want Elena", Damon spit out his teeth in a gritty way. " I came to see how anda were doing, I know its hard trust me i've been through this before with my parents", Elena sat on the katil seterusnya to him. " anda dont get it Elena!,you never will!". Damon berkata slamming the door and locking it. " Damon what are anda doing?". Damon sat seterusnya to her. " I just wanted anda to know I Cinta anda Elena. All this Cinta with these girls i've had, was a distraction from you. I can't stand here all hari and anda and Stefan kicking it off. I Cinta anda Elena so much I would do anything for you. If I have to leave to hide this pain im bearing I will!" Damon berkata holding my hand. Elena gripped his hand. " Don't leave Damon, I always wanted anda to know I Cinta you. No matter what." "You don't Cinta me Elena, anda Cinta Stefan." " Damon I Cinta anda please believe me" " Then prove it" Damon berkata raising his eyebrow. Elena grabbed him and bared her lips down with hers. Damon took off her baju and slowly she took of his. Elena took her tongue and licked across his sharp teeth. Then Damon swooped her up still Ciuman and went to the shower. They stripped off there clothes and sat in the bath. Damon got on bahagian, atas of Elena Ciuman her romanticlly." See Damon my feelings were the same." "Just shut up and Ciuman me Elena. Please. I've been wanting this forever". Elena got on bahagian, atas of Damon and they kissed for hours it seemed. Damon carried naked Elena to the katil and continued there night together. Elena woke up with her on Damons chest. She couldnt believe this was happening but it was. She never felt like this before with Stefan, she knew she loved Damon and couldnt hide it any longer..
The End (: