Look I have something to say,and that it is we all need to go on strike!!!! Let it be known that "all of us" that Cinta "(Michael Jackson)" so much,need to tell the world how we really feel,about how we Cinta "(Michael Jackson)" and the "word" needs to get out!!!! One hari everyone woman and Man will let it out how the really feel,about this "world" and let them know that "(Michael Jackson)" is the best there will ever ever ever "BE"!!!! I know what I know that most people copy is his moves his looks,and everything about him!!!! I think that's why the world needs to know that there will only ever be one "(Michael Jackson)" I dealt only one "(Michael Jackson)" in this world,and that is "(Michael Jackson Himself!!!! Thank anda all so very much for letting me have a moment of your guys time. I Ms. Natalie Lavis.